This Property entry details every Fusion Monster that is Special Summoned by Contact Fusion which returns its Fusion Materials from the field to the Main Deck.

All OCG/TCG cards that returns Fusion Materials for Contact Fusion to Deck

 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Elemental HERO Air NeosE・HERO エアー・ネオスFusion Monster
Effect Monster
Elemental HERO Aqua NeosE・HERO アクア・ネオスFusion Monster
Effect Monster
Elemental HERO Chaos NeosE・HERO カオス・ネオスFusion Monster
Effect Monster
Elemental HERO Dark NeosE・HERO ブラック・ネオスFusion Monster
Effect Monster
Elemental HERO Flare NeosE・HERO フレア・ネオスFusion Monster
Effect Monster
Elemental HERO Glow NeosE・HERO グロー・ネオスFusion Monster
Effect Monster
Elemental HERO Grand NeosE・HERO グラン・ネオスFusion Monster
Effect Monster
Elemental HERO Magma NeosE・HERO マグマ・ネオスFusion Monster
Effect Monster
Elemental HERO Marine NeosE・HERO マリン・ネオスFusion Monster
Effect Monster
Elemental HERO Storm NeosE・HERO ストーム・ネオスFusion Monster
Effect Monster
Gladiator Beast Andabata剣闘獣アンダバタエFusion Monster
Effect Monster
Gladiator Beast Essedarii剣闘獣エセダリFusion Monster
Effect Monster
Gladiator Beast Gaiodiaz剣闘獣ゲオルディアスFusion Monster
Effect Monster
Gladiator Beast Gyzarus剣闘獣ガイザレスFusion Monster
Effect Monster
DARKWinged Beast624001500
Gladiator Beast Heraklinos剣闘獣ヘラクレイノスFusion Monster
Effect Monster
Gladiator Beast Nerokius剣闘獣ネロキウスFusion Monster
Effect Monster
DARKWinged Beast828001900
Gladiator Beast Tamer Editor剣闘獣総監エーディトルFusion Monster
Effect Monster

All anime cards that returns Fusion Materials for Contact Fusion to Deck

 Japanese nameSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Assault Cannon Beetleアサルト・キャノン・ビートルEARTHMachine00080000240000002800
Elemental Hero Air NeosE・HERO エアー・ネオスWINDWarrior00070000250000002000
Elemental Hero Aqua NeosE・HERO アクア・ネオスWATERWarrior00070000250000002000
Elemental Hero Chaos NeosE・HERO カオス・ネオスDARKWarrior00090000300000002500
Elemental Hero Dark NeosE・HERO ブラック・ネオスDARKWarrior00070000250000002000
Elemental Hero Divine NeosE・HERO ゴッド・ネオスLIGHTWarrior00120000300000002500
Elemental Hero Flare NeosE・HERO フレア・ネオスFIREWarrior00070000250000002000
Elemental Hero Glow NeosE・HERO グロー・ネオスLIGHTWarrior00070000250000002000
Elemental Hero Grand NeosE・HERO グラン・ネオスEARTHWarrior00070000250000002000
Elemental Hero Magma NeosE・HERO マグマ・ネオスFIREWarrior00090000300000002500
Elemental Hero Marine NeosE・HERO マリン・ネオスWATERWarrior00080000280000002300
Elemental Hero Storm NeosE・HERO ストーム・ネオスWINDWarrior00090000300000002500
Gladiator Beast Andabata剣闘獣アンダバタエDARKBeast-Warrior00080000100000002800
Gladiator Beast Gyzarus剣闘獣ガイザレスDARKWinged Beast00060000240000001500
Gladiator Beast Tamer Editor剣闘獣総監エーディトルDARKBeast-Warrior00080000240000003000

All manga cards that returns Fusion Materials for Contact Fusion to Deck

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