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Replica is a term in the TCG and OCG that is printed on reprints of tournament promotional or prize cards. In the TCG, it debuted in World Superstars.

This was an early attempt to track the value of cards for Duelists in the OCG, as "replica" cards would be worth less compared to Original Print cards that were originally only obtainable by participating in or even winning an official tournament. It is now used exclusively on reprints of Match winners and Non-Game Cards.

For Match winners, due to having Limitation Text, instead of being printed in the bottom left corner in lieu of the card number, it is instead printed right below the left side of the card image, where phrases like "Limited Edition" were originally printed in the TCG. It is not mutually exclusive to edition texts, so in the TCG and Korean OCG (which have only used the text on Match winners), "REPLICA" is slashed with the edition text and displayed in the edition text's old position.


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