Rental Deck Duel is a way of Dueling in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus using pre-made Decks (Rental Decks). It is similar with dueling using Structure Decks, except many Rental Decks are archetype-based rather than a centered theme in Structure Decks.

Rental Decks

There are 15 Rental Decks in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus. They are named: Synchro Warrior, Emperor, Arise!, Blackwing Frenzy, Forth, Machina!, Lightsworn Judgment, Fusion Heroes, Dragunity Flight, Infernity Infinity, Fight, Gladiators!, Dragon's Den, X-Sabers, Assemble!, Dimensional Ruler, Six Samurai Clan, Fabled Invaders, Herald of Doom.

Ground Decks

Synchro Warriors - Main Deck
Synchro Warrior - Side Deck
Emperor, Arise! - Main Deck
Emperor, Arise! - Side Deck
Blackwing Frenzy - Main Deck
Blackwing Frenzy - Side Deck
Forth, Machina - Main Deck
Forth, Machina - Side Deck
Lightsworn Judgment - Main Deck
Lightsworn Judgment - Side Deck
Fusion Heroes - Main Deck
Fusion Heroes - Side Deck
Dragunity Flight - Main Deck
Dragunity Flight - Side Deck
Infernity Infinity - Main Deck
Infernity Infinity - Side Deck
Fight, Gladiators! - Main Deck
Fight, Gladiators! - Side Deck
Dragon's Den - Main Deck
Dragon's Den - Side Deck
X-Sabers, Assemble! - Main Deck
X-Sabers, Assemble! - Side Deck
Dimensional Ruler - Main Deck
Dimensional Ruler - Side Deck
Six Samurai Clan - Main Deck
Six Samurai Clan - Side Deck
Fabled Invaders - Main Deck
Fabled Invaders - Side Deck
Herald of Doom - Main Deck
Herald of Doom - Side Deck

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