Red-Headed Oni

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Red-Headed Oni
English Red-Headed Oni
Chinese 红血鬼
German Rotköpfiger Oni
Italian Oni Testa-Rossa
Korean 홍혈귀
Portuguese Oni Vermelho-Ensanguentado
Spanish Oni Pelirrojo
Japanese (kana) こうけつき
Japanese (base) 紅血鬼
Japanese (rōmaji) Kōketsuki
Japanese (translated) Red-Blooded Oni
Attribute DARK DARK
Types Zombie / Effect
Level 4 CG StarCG StarCG StarCG Star
ATK / DEF 1700 / 1000
Passcode 30494314
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  • Facts about "Red-Headed Oni"RDF feed
    ATK1,700 +
    ATK string1700
    ActionsDetaches Xyz Materials for effect
    Anti-supportXyz Monster
    Arabic nameاونى الدموى الاحمر +
    AttributeDARK +
    Attribute TextDark +
    Card ImageRedHeadedOni-GAOV-EN-C-1E +
    Card Image TextRedHeadedOni-GAOV-EN-C-1E.png +
    Card categoryMonster Card +
    Card category TextMonster Card +
    Card typeMonster Card + and Effect Monster +
    Card type TextMonster Card + and Effect Monster +
    Chinese lore稀有度:平卡N。效果:此卡由于不死族怪兽的效果,从墓地中特殊召唤成功时,可以选择自己场上的一只不死族怪兽发动效果,去除场上一个超量素材,然后选择的卡的等级上升1,并且攻击力上升300点。
    Chinese name红血鬼 +
    Class 1Official +
    Croatian nameCrvenoglavi Oni +
    DEF1,000 +
    DEF string1000
    Database ID10,061 +
    Effect typeTrigger Effect +
    Effect type TextTrigger Effect +
    English database ID10,061 +
    English nameRed-Headed Oni +
    English name (linked)Red-Headed Oni +
    French database ID10,061 +
    German database ID10,061 +
    German loreWenn diese Karte durch den Effekt eines MoWenn diese Karte durch den Effekt eines Monsters vom Typ Zombie als Spezialbeschwörung beschworen wird: Du kannst 1 offenes Monster vom Typ Zombie wählen, das du kontrollierst; hänge 1 Xyz-Material von einem Monster auf dem Spielfeld ab und falls du dies tust, erhöhe die Stufe des gewählten Monsters um 1 und seine ATK um 300 (selbst falls die Bedingungen für die Wahl des Monsters nicht mehr erfüllt sind).ahl des Monsters nicht mehr erfüllt sind).
    German nameRotköpfiger Oni +
    Italian database ID10,061 +
    Italian loreQuando questa carta viene [[Special SummonQuando questa carta viene Evocata Specialmente dal Cimitero dall'effetto di un mostro di Tipo Zombie: puoi scegliere come bersaglio 1 mostro di Tipo Zombie scoperto che controlli; stacca 1 Materiale Xyz da un mostro sul Terreno e, se lo fai, aumenta il Livello del mostro scelto come bersaglio di 1 e il suo ATK di 300 (anche se le condizioni di scelta del bersaglio non sono più corrette).elta del bersaglio non sono più corrette).
    Italian nameOni Testa-Rossa +
    Japanese database ID10,061 +
    Japanese kana nameこうけつき +
    Japanese loreこのカードがアンデット族モンスターの効果によって墓地からの特殊召喚に成功した時、自分フィールド上のアンデット族モンスター1体を選択して発動できる。フィールド上のエクシーズ素材を1つ取り除き、選択したモンスターのレベルを1つ上げ、攻撃力を300ポイントアップする。
    Japanese name紅血鬼 +
    Korean name홍혈귀
    Level4 +
    Level string4 +
    LoreWhen this card is Special Summoned froWhen this card is Special Summoned from the Graveyard by the effect of a Zombie-Type monster: You can target 1 face-up Zombie-Type monster you control; detach 1 Xyz Material from a monster on the field, and if you do, increase the targeted monster's Level by 1 and its ATK by 300 (even if the targeting conditions are no longer correct).ing conditions are no longer correct).
    MediumTCG + and OCG +
    OCG StatusUnlimited +
    Page nameRed-Headed Oni +
    Page typeCard page +
    Phonetic nameKōketsuki +
    Portuguese nameOni Vermelho-Ensanguentado +
    Romaji nameKōketsuki +
    Ruby Japanese name<<ruby class="rubytext ruby-ja" lang="ja">(こう)</ruby><ruby class="rubytext ruby-ja" lang="ja">(けつ)</ruby><ruby class="rubytext ruby-ja" lang="ja">()</ruby></rb>()
    Ruby text<<ruby class="rubytext ruby-ja" lang="ja">(こう)</ruby><ruby class="rubytext ruby-ja" lang="ja">(けつ)</ruby><ruby class="rubytext ruby-ja" lang="ja">()</ruby></rb>()
    Set information--- GAOV-EN038 --- Galactic Overlord --- Common --- English --- +, --- GAOV-FR038 --- Galactic Overlord --- Common --- French --- +, --- GAOV-DE038 --- Galactic Overlord --- Common --- German --- +, --- GAOV-IT038 --- Galactic Overlord --- Common --- Italian --- +, --- GAOV-SP038 --- Galactic Overlord --- Common --- Spanish --- +, --- GAOV-JP038 --- Galactic Overlord --- Common --- Japanese-Asian --- + and --- GAOV-KR038 --- Galactic Overlord --- Common --- Korean --- +
    Set information (JSON){ "number": "GAOV-EN038", "name": "Galactic Overlord", "rarity": "Common", "region": "English" } +, { "number": "GAOV-FR038", "name": "Galactic Overlord", "rarity": "Common", "region": "French" } +, { "number": "GAOV-DE038", "name": "Galactic Overlord", "rarity": "Common", "region": "German" } +, { "number": "GAOV-IT038", "name": "Galactic Overlord", "rarity": "Common", "region": "Italian" } +, { "number": "GAOV-SP038", "name": "Galactic Overlord", "rarity": "Common", "region": "Spanish" } +, { "number": "GAOV-JP038", "name": "Galactic Overlord", "rarity": "Common", "region": "Japanese-Asian" } + and { "number": "GAOV-KR038", "name": "Galactic Overlord", "rarity": "Common", "region": "Korean" } +
    Spanish database ID10,061 +
    Spanish nameOni Pelirrojo +
    Stars4 +
    Stars string4 +
    StatsYour monsters gain ATK and Your monsters gain Levels
    SummoningCan be Special Summoned and Can always be Special Summoned
    SupportZombie and Xyz Monster
    TCG Advanced Format StatusUnlimited +
    TCG Traditional Format StatusUnlimited +
    Translated nameRed-Blooded Oni +
    TypeZombie +
    Type TextZombie +
    TypesZombie + and Effect +

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