Reaper of the Cards, known as Card-Hunting Death God (カードをしにがみ Kādo wo Karu Shinigami) in the Japanese version, is a character version of the card, "Reaper of the Cards".


During Yami Yugi's Duel against Yami Bakura, the Reaper was seen flying around a cemetery, which was a literal representation of the Graveyard. When Joey Wheeler was eventually sent here as a result of "Flame Swordsman" being destroyed, it chased Joey down, but Joey disappeared before the Reaper could attack him. Yami Bakura was then sent here as a result of his defeat, and the Reaper proceeded to attack him instead.[1]

Yami Bakura somehow escaped, and later sent several of Pegasus's henchmen to the Graveyard, where they too were attacked by the Reaper.[2]


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