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A Rank (Japanese: ランク Ranku) is a property exclusive to Xyz Monsters, in place of a Level.

The original Rank of an Xyz Monster Card is represented by a number of stars a yellow star on a black circle in the top-left (except for "Number F0: Utopic Future" and "Number S0: Hope ZEXAL", which each have a Rank condition that determines their original Rank instead of their marked Rank of 0). The Rank stars being left-aligned contrasts to the right alignment of Level stars.

In the OCG and TCG, monsters' original Ranks can range from 1 to 12. In the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime, Xyz Monsters with an original Rank of 13 have also been seen. Except for monsters with Rank conditions and "Number 93: Utopia Kaiser", a monster's original Rank is the same as the Level of its required Xyz Materials.

An Xyz Monster's Rank is not its Level; Xyz Monsters do not have a Level. Consequently, Xyz Monsters cannot be used for Synchro, Ritual, or Xyz Summons (unless specifically permitted); and any effects that would refer to the Level of a monster, such as those of "Gravity Bind", "Level Limit - Area B" and "Burden of the Mighty", cannot be applied to an Xyz Monster. Since Xyz Monsters do not have Levels, cards such as "Star Changer", "Scanner" and "Give and Take" cannot be used on them at all. Cards that modify Levels such as "Harmonic Waves", "Feedback Warrior", "Synchro Boost" and "Demotion" also cannot be used on Xyz Monsters.

The average ATK for monsters of each Rank are a fair bit higher than for their respective Levels (for example, barring negative effects, 2-Material Rank 3 monsters can reach 2100 ATK and 2-Material Rank 4 monsters can reach 2600 ATK, compared to 1750 ATK for a Level 3 monster and 2000 ATK for a Level 4 monster). Just as with any other category of monsters, Xyz Monsters with more powerful effects may have lower ATK and DEF than other monsters of the same Rank, while Xyz Monsters with negative effects or more difficult Summoning conditions may have higher ATK and DEF.


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