5Dx001 Giving Yusei the chip

Rally giving Yusei the stolen chip.

Rally's chip theft was an event in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime, in which Rally Dawson stole a Duel Runner chip.


Rally took the chip from a plant in Satellite. (In the English version, Jack left the chip there as a setup.) He brought it to Yusei's hideout and gave it to Yusei for use on his Duel Runner, Yusei Go. Nervin, Tank and Blitz suspected Rally stole the chip, but Rally lied that he found it in the junk. Yusei asked the others to give Rally a break and added the chip to the Duel Runner.

Sector Security arrived outside the hideout and announced they were searching for Rally on suspect of larceny. However Yusei used his laptop to jam the signal from Rally's criminal mark, allowing them to hide from the securities. He told the others to run, while he rode out on his Duel Runner to distract the securities.

While acting as a decoy, Yusei met the security, Trudge and challenged him to a Turbo Duel, in which the events of that night would be forgotten if he won. Trudge lost the Duel and accepted Yusei's condition by overlooking Rally's crime, but still vowed to crush Yusei.


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