Chronomaly Pyramid Eye Tablet
English Chronomaly Pyramid Eye Tablet
Chinese 先史遺產-金字塔眼石板
French Tablette de l'Œil Pyramide Chronomal
German Chronomale Pyramiden-Augentafel
Italian Cronomalia Tavoletta Occhio della Piramide
Korean 오파츠 피라미드 아이 태블릿
Portuguese Cronomalia Mural do Olho da Pirâmide
Spanish Tableta del Ojo de la Pirámide Cronómala
Japanese (kana) オーパーツ-ピラミッド・アイ・タブレット
Japanese (base) 先史遺産-ピラミッド・アイ・タブレット
Japanese (rōmaji) Ōpātsu - Piramiddo Ai Taburetto
Japanese (translated) OOPArts Pyramid Eye Tablet
Card type Spell SPELL.svg
Property Continuous Continuous.svg
Passcode 26345570
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