Block Golem

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Block Golem
English Block Golem
Chinese (中文) 积木巨人
German (Deutsch) Blockgolem
Italian (Italiano) Golem Blocco
Portuguese (Português) Golem Bloco
Japanese (日本語) ブロック・ゴーレム
Japanese (rōmaji) (日本語) Burokku Gōremu
Types Rock/Effect
Level 3 CG StarCG StarCG Star
ATK/DEF 1000/1500
Card Number 72580321
Card effect types Ignition
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    OCGUnlimitedTCG AdvancedUnlimitedTCG TraditionalUnlimited
    Facts about Block GolemRDF feed
    ATK1,000 +
    ATK string1000
    ActionsTributes itself for cost +
    Anti-supportNo Entry +
    Arabic nameالعملاق المنيع +
    Archetype supportNo Entry +
    ArchseriesNo Entry +
    Archseries relatedNo Entry +
    AttackNo Entry +
    AttributeEARTH +
    Attribute TextEarth +
    Card ImageBlockGolem-REDU-EN-C-1E +
    Card Image TextBlockGolem-REDU-EN-C-1E.png +
    Card Number72580321 +
    Card categoryMonster Card +
    Card category TextMonster Card +
    Card typeEffect Monster +
    Card type TextEffect Monster +
    Chinese lore自己墓地中的怪兽都是地属性时,可以将此卡做祭品,然后将自己墓地中2只【积木巨人】以外的等级4以下的岩石族怪兽以正面守备表示的形式特殊召唤上场。此回合中,通过此效果特殊召唤的怪兽不能发动在场上发动的效果。
    Chinese name积木巨人 +
    Class 1Official +
    Class 4VG +
    CountersNo Entry +
    Croatian nameBlokni Golem +
    DEF1,500 +
    DEF string1500
    Effect typeIgnition Effect +
    Effect typesIgnition
    English database ID10,165 +
    English nameBlock Golem +
    English name (linked)Block Golem +
    French database ID10,165 +
    Fusion Material forNo Entry +
    German database ID10,165 +
    German nameBlockgolem +
    Italian database ID10,165 +
    Italian loreSe tutti i mostri nel tuo Cimitero sono [[Se tutti i mostri nel tuo Cimitero sono TERRA: puoi offrire come Tributo questa carta per scegliere come bersaglio 2 mostri di Tipo Roccia di Livello 4 o inferiore nel tuo Cimitero, eccetto "Golem Blocco"; Evoca Specialmente quei bersagli, ma i loro effetti che si attivano sul Terreno non possono essere attivati in questo turno.n possono essere attivati in questo turno.
    Italian nameGolem Blocco +
    Japanese database ID10,165 +
    Japanese kana nameブロック・ゴーレム +
    Japanese lore自分の墓地のモンスターが地属性のみの場合、このカードをリリースして発動できる。自分の墓地から「ブロック・ゴーレム」以外の岩石族・レベル4以下のモンスター2体を選択して特殊召喚する。このターンこの効果で特殊召喚したモンスターは、フィールド上で発動する効果を発動できない。
    Japanese nameブロック・ゴーレム +
    Level3 +
    Life PointsNo Entry +
    LoreIf all the monsters in yoIf all the monsters in your Graveyard are EARTH: You can Tribute this card to target 2 Level 4 or lower Rock-Type monsters in your Graveyard, except "Block Golem"; Special Summon those targets, but their effects that activate on the field cannot be activated this turn.field]] cannot be activated this turn.
    MediumTCG + and OCG +
    MiscNo Entry +
    MonsterSpellTrapPrevents activation of Effect Monsters +
    Monster typeNo Entry +
    OCG StatusUnlimited +
    Page nameBlock Golem +
    Page typeCard page +
    Phonetic nameBurokku Gōremu +
    Portuguese loreSe todos os monstros em seu Cemitério são Se todos os monstros em seu Cemitério são EARTH: Você pode Tributar esta carta para selecionar 2 monstros de Nível 4 ou inferior do tipo Rock em seu Cemitério, exceto "Block Golem"; invoque por Invocação-Especial aqueles 2 monstros selecionados, mas seus efeitos não poderão ser ativados durante este turno.o poderão ser ativados durante este turno.
    Portuguese nameGolem Bloco +
    RFPNo Entry +
    Romaji nameBurokku Gōremu +
    Ruby Japanese nameブロック・ゴーレム
    Set information--- REDU-EN035 --- Return of the Duelist --- Common --- English (EN) --- +, --- REDU-FR035 --- Return of the Duelist --- Common --- French --- +, --- REDU-DE035 --- Return of the Duelist --- Common --- German --- +, --- REDU-IT035 --- Return of the Duelist --- Common --- Italian --- +, --- REDU-SP035 --- Return of the Duelist --- Common --- Spanish --- +, --- REDU-JP035 --- Return of the Duelist --- Common --- Japanese --- + and --- REDU-KR035 --- Return of the Duelist --- Common --- Korean --- +
    Spanish database ID10,165 +
    StatsNo Entry +
    SummoningSpecial Summons from your Graveyard +, Can be Special Summoned + and Can always be Special Summoned +
    SupportEARTH + and Rock +
    Synchro Material forNo Entry +
    TCG Advanced Format StatusUnlimited +
    TCG Traditional Format StatusUnlimited +
    Thai nameโกเลมบล็อค +
    TypeRock +
    Type TextRock +
    TypesRock + and Effect +

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