Quiz Action - Trivia for 1000
  • Japanese: クイズ: なぞなぞの1000
  • Romaji: Kuizu: Nazonazo no 1000
  • Translated: Quiz - 1000 of Riddle
Card type

Trap TRAP.svg



Effect type

Answer the following question. Apply the appropriate effect, based on the answer.
(Question: Which is better to have the sun shining on it, the road or the sidewalk?)
● Correct answer: Gain 1000 LP.
● Incorrect answer: You take 1000 damage.[Notes 1]

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Other languages

Name Lore
Japanese クイズ: なぞなぞの1000 ①:自分は以下の問題に答えなければならない。また、正解・不正解で以下の効果を適用する。
Kuizu: Nazonazo no 1000
Korean 퀴즈 : 수수께끼 1000
Kwijeu : Susukkekki 1000

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  1. In the dub, the question is "Where did the car take the man on the hottest day of the year?

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