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This OTK relies on the Special Summon of "Quickdraw Synchron" for the Synchro Summon of "Nitro Warrior", resulting in an Aggro strategy.

Required cards:

(Before doing the combo a good card to use would be "Dark Hole".) This combo starts off by Special Summoning "Quickdraw Synchron" by discarding a "Quillbolt Hedgehog", then activating :Inferno Reckless Summon" to Summon 2 more "Quickdraw Synchron". Right now, use the 3 "Quickdraws" an"Quillbolt" (Do not forget to use "Imperial Iron Wall") to Special Summon 3 "Nitro Warriors". Using field-clearing Spells like "Nobleman of Crossout", "Smashing Ground", or to a lesser extent "Giant Trunade", you get absolute advantage with this OTK, besides of bolstering "Nitro Warrior's" ATK up to 3800, granting the an extremely likely victory!

Another OTK is:

Normal Summon The Calculator, then discard Level Eater in order to Special Summon Quickdraw Synchron while using Inferno Reckless Summon to bring out three at the same time. Now, revive Level Eater each time you tune with the Quickdraws, reducing each their level by 1, hence you are able to Summon 3 Junk Warriors! The Calculator gains ATK equal to the level of all monsters on your field. Whilst doing so, the Junk Warriors receive ATK matching the ATK power of The Calculator!

A few additional damage may be added by using The A. Forces, logically boosting the Junk Warriors ATK even further.

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