This page is for the VRAINS character. For the card series, see Queen.

Queen is a character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. She is a higher-up at SOL Technologies as well as an antagonist in Season 2, responsible for Earth's death as well as sending bounty hunters after Playmaker and Soulburner.




Body view of Queen.

Queen is a light-skinned woman with light blue eyes and blue hair with green accents.
Queen in the opening

Queen in Go forward.

Queen Chess

Queen in her Chess avatar.


Lost Memories

Akira Zaizen questioned his boss, the Queen, about Playmaker's bounty. The Queen noted that Akira was bold ever since she reassigned him as the security manager, and the rest of the staff were reassigned. She reminded him that the Knights of Hanoi were defeated and Cyberse World was discovered, but no Ignis have been found. It was why they had a bounty placed on Playmaker to recover his Ignis. Akira tried to remind her about Playmaker's heroic actions, but the Queen explained that as long as they do not have Ignis in their possession SOL Technologies would not improve. Instead, she assigned Akira to create a special bounty hunter team to hunt Playmaker down and capture Ignis without any limitations. She threatened to demote Akira if the task was not finished, and walked away.[1]

Ignis Warfare


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