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Akhenaden and Bakura's ka battle (manga) +Bakura, King of Thieves (manga)  +
Akiza and Koda's Duel +Akiza Izinski  +
Aknadin and Bakura's ka battle +Bandit King Bakura  +
Atem and Seto's ka battle +Priest Seto  +
Atem and Seto's ka battle (manga) +Priest Seto (manga)  +
Atem and Seto's mock ka battle +Dark Yugi (manga)  +
Ceremonial Battle (manga) +Yugi Mutou (manga)  +
Coin in sneaker +Dark Yugi (manga)  +
Dark Bakura and Dark Marik's Duel (manga) +Dark Marik (manga)  +
Dark Bakura and Ghost Kozuka's Duel (manga) +Dark Bakura (manga)  +
Dark Bakura and Karita's Shadow Game +Dark Bakura (manga)  +
Dark Bakura and Yugi's group's Monster World game +Yami Yugi  +, Yugi Muto  +, Joey Wheeler  +,
Dark RPG +Yami Yugi  +
Dark Yugi and Dark Bakura's Duel (manga) +Dark Yugi (manga)  +
Dark Yugi and Dark Marik's Duel (manga) +Dark Yugi (manga)  +
Dark Yugi and Deschutes' Duel +Yami Yugi  +
Dark Yugi and Imori's Dragon Cards game +Yami Yugi  +
Dark Yugi and Insector Haga's Duel (manga) +Dark Yugi (manga)  +
Dark Yugi and Kirk's Duel +Yami Yugi  +
Dark Yugi and Kokurano's Shadow Game (anime) +Yami Yugi  +
Dark Yugi and Mai Kujaku's Duel (manga) +Dark Yugi (manga)  +
Dark Yugi and Maico's Duel +Yami Yugi  +
Dark Yugi and Maximillion J. Pegasus' TV Duel (manga) +Maximillion J. Pegasus (manga)  +
Dark Yugi and Mokuba's pre Death-T Capsule Monster Chess game +Dark Yugi (manga)  +
Dark Yugi and Ms. Chono's Shadow Game +Yami Yugi  +

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