This property lists the Decks used by characters in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 6.

This property uses String values.

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Andre +Spear of Thunder  +
Aporia (Tag Force) +The Current Despair  +, Just Despair  +, Inevitable Despair  +,
Jack Atlas (Tag Force) +Wild Soul  +, King's Soul  +, Sundered Polished Soul  +,
Breo +Thunder Bolt  +, Bicorn Scramble  +, King of Animal  +,
Broder +The Mischievous Giant  +, The Lying Giant  +, Fate of the Gods  +,
Bruno (Tag Force) +Newbie Mechanic  +, Remarkable Mechanic  +, Veteran Mechanic  +,
Yusei Fudo (Tag Force) +Bonding Wishes  +, Bonding Fighting Spirit  +, Clustering Crystals of Dreams  +,
Rex Goodwin (Tag Force) +Supernatural Existence  +, Lost Superego  +, Transcendent Being  +,
Roman Goodwin +Black Widow  +, Dark Widow  +, Widow Spider  +,
Halldor +The All-Powerful God of Valhalla  +, The One-Eyed War God  +, Twilight of the Gods  +,
Crow Hogan (Tag Force) +Black Gale  +, Dark Storm  +, Raging Storm  +,
Akiza Izinski (Tag Force) +Black Rose Internship  +, Black Rose Residency  +, Black Rose Specialists  +,
Lazar +Clown's Ruff  +, Clown's Shoes  +, Clown's Staff  +,
Sherry LeBlanc (Tag Force) +Sword of Despair  +, Wandering Sword  +, Sword of Betrayal  +,
Luna (Tag Force) +Ancient Nobleness  +, Ancient Holiness  +, Ancient Majesty  +,
Primo +Wisel Concerto  +, Wisel Rhapsody  +, Wisel Requiem  +
Primo (Tag Force) +Wisel Concerto  +, Wisel Rhapsody  +, Wisel Divertimento  +,
Mina Simington +Cheif Officer and a Gentleman  +, Mr.Love and Glory  +, Cheif of Love and Courage  +,
Misty Tredwell (Tag Force) +Reader Model  +, Amateur Model  +, Charisma Model  +,
Tetsu Trudge (Tag Force) +Alibi Break!  +, Questioned!  +, Household Search!  +,
Z-one (Tag Force) +Knowledge of Salvation  +, The Crown of Science  +, Glory of Destruction  +,
Z-one +Glory of Destruction  +, Kingdom of Death  +, Knowledge of Salvation  +,

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