This property lists the Decks used by characters in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 5.

These Deck names are only used in the Japanese version of the game.

This property uses String values.

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Yosuke Adachi +Celebrity Select  +
Sergeant Aikawa +Machinery Mercenary  +
Alice (Tag Force) +Uria Through the Looking-Glass  +
Anca +Drawing Song on G String  +
Andrea (Tag Force) +Saurus Zansu  +
Fake Jack Atlas (Tag Force) +Advent of the True King  +, Epiphany of the True King  +, The Unmatched True King  +,
Jack Atlas (Tag Force) +Scarlet Soul  +, Crimson Soul  +, Blood-Colored Soul  +,
Bivin +Turtle Boot Camp  +
Bright +Fiery Splendor  +
Bruno (Tag Force) +Condition Green  +, Condition Blue  +, Condition Yellow  +,
Carly Carmen +Duel Terminal Best!  +
Carly Carmine +So-So Lucky Fortune Teller  +, Barely Lucky Fortune Teller  +, Really Lucky Fortune Teller  +,
Celia +BAR Vein Heart  +
Cherry +Pyramid of Dreams  +
Dean +Enthusiastic Generation  +, Diablo SA  +
Disa +Deeply Merciful Emperor  +
Edith +Noraneko Theater☆Deluxe  +
Emma (Tag Force) +Choppy Defiance  +
Mark Freedom +An Important Friend  +
Yusei Fudo (Tag Force) +A Streaming Star  +, A Shining Star  +, A New Star  +,
Hana +Honor Student of Fire  +
Crow Hogan (Tag Force) +Headwind Blows Across  +, Breeze Blows Out  +, Whirlwind Blows  +,
Akiza Izinski (Tag Force) +A Fun School Life  +, A Happy School Life  +, A School Life about to Die  +,
Jakob +Funeral  +, Psalms  +, Carnival  +,
Jewels +Fenghuang Yin-Yang Legends  +

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