This property lists candidates of requests for adminship.

It uses string values.

Pages using the property "RFA candidate"

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Requests for adminship/ATEMVEGETA/1 +ATEMVEGETA  +
Requests for adminship/Aquos siege/1 +Aquos siege  +
Requests for adminship/BROOKLYN RAGE!/1 +BROOKLYN RAGE!  +
Requests for adminship/Becasita/1 +Becasita  +
Requests for adminship/Blackwing Armor Master/1 +Blackwing Armor Master  +
Requests for adminship/Blackwings0605/1 +Blackwings0605  +
Requests for adminship/BobaFett2/1 +BobaFett2  +
Requests for adminship/BobaFett2/2 +BobaFett2  +
Requests for adminship/ChaosGallade/1 +ChaosGallade  +
Requests for adminship/Cheesedude/1 +Cheesedude  +
Requests for adminship/Dark-Shimy/1 +Dark-Shimy  +
Requests for adminship/DatGaiy/1 +DatGaiy  +
Requests for adminship/EgyptianDuelist0000/1 +EgyptianDuelist0000  +
Requests for adminship/Ep1kk/1 +Ep1kk  +
Requests for adminship/EskaTheOgre-/1 +EskaTheOgre-  +
Requests for adminship/Falzar FZ/1 +Falzar FZ  +
Requests for adminship/Falzar300/1 +Falzar300  +
Requests for adminship/FredCat100/1 +FredCat100  +
Requests for adminship/Glittersword/1 +Glittersword  +
Requests for adminship/Golden Key/1 +Golden Key  +
Requests for adminship/James 'Shamus' Smith/1 +James 'Shamus' Smith  +
Requests for adminship/LegendaryAsariUgetsu/1 +LegendaryAsariUgetsu  +
Requests for adminship/Lucafriz/1 +Lucafriz  +
Requests for adminship/Lukas11xxf/1 +Lukas11xxf  +
Requests for adminship/MekHunterG5/1 +MekHunterG5  +

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