This property lists the Properties of cards. It is similar to Property:Property, but presents the values in a shorter form, by omitting the card type from the displayed text.

This uses string values.

Pages using the property "Property (short)"

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"A" Cell Breeding Device +[[Continuous Spell Card|Continuous]]  +
"A" Cell Incubator +[[Continuous Spell Card|Continuous]]  +
"A" Cell Recombination Device +[[Quick-Play Spell Card|Quick-Play]]  +
"A" Cell Scatter Burst +[[Quick-Play Spell Card|Quick-Play]]  +
00 Rush +[[Continuous Trap Card|Continuous]]  +
100-Year Awakening +[[Normal Spell Card|Normal]]  +
1st Movement Solo +[[Normal Spell Card|Normal]]  +
1st Movement Solo (anime) +[[Normal Spell Card|Normal]]  +
7 +[[Continuous Spell Card|Continuous]]  +
7 Completed +[[Equip Spell Card|Equip]]  +
7 Completed (anime) +[[Equip Spell Card|Equip]]  +
The A. Forces +[[Continuous Spell Card|Continuous]]  +
The A. Forces (anime) +[[Continuous Spell Card|Continuous]]  +
Ability Limitation +[[Continuous Trap Card|Continuous]]  +
Absolute Buster +[[Normal Trap Card|Normal]]  +
Absolute End +[[Normal Trap Card|Normal]]  +
Absolute Zero Barrier +[[Field Spell Card|Field]]  +
Absorb Fusion +[[Normal Spell Card|Normal]]  +
Absorb Spell (anime) +[[Quick-Play Spell Card|Quick-Play]]  +
Absorbing Lamp +[[Continuous Trap Card|Continuous]]  +
Abyss Actor's Injury +[[Continuous Trap Card|Continuous]]  +
Abyss Actors Back Stage +[[Normal Trap Card|Normal]]  +
Abyss Actors Back Stage (DY) +[[Normal Trap Card|Normal]]  +
Abyss Actors' Costume Chest +[[Continuous Spell Card|Continuous]]  +
Abyss Costume - Dwarf's Shield +[[Equip Spell Card|Equip]]  +

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