This text property documents the LP actions a card takes.

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7 +You gain Life Points  +
Abaki +Damages you  +, Damages your opponent  +
Abaki (anime) +Damages you  +, Damages your opponent  +
Abare Ushioni +Damages your opponent  +, Damages you  +
Ability Limitation +Pays Life Points for cost  +, Your opponent pays Life Points for cost  +
Absorbing Kid from the Sky +You gain Life Points  +
Abyss Actor - Leading Lady (anime) +Your opponent's monsters lose ATK  +
Abyss Boat Watchman +Damages your opponent  +
Abyss Guardian +Damages your opponent  +
Abyss Impromptu Play - Improv +Increases battle damage  +
Abyss Kid +Damages your opponent  +
Abyss Ruler Mictlancoatl +Damages your opponent  +
Abyss Script - Opening Ceremony +You gain Life Points  +
Abyss Script - Opening Ceremony (DY) +You gain Life Points  +
Abyss Script - Opening Ceremony (anime) +You gain Life Points  +
Abyssal Designator +Pays Life Points for cost  +
Abyssal Designator (anime) +Pays Life Points for cost  +
Acceleration +Prevents effect damage  +
Ace of Sword +Damages you  +, Damages your opponent  +
Ace of Wand +Damages you  +, Damages your opponent  +, You gain Life Points  +,
Achacha Archer +Damages your opponent  +
Achacha Archer (D Team) +Damages your opponent  +
Achacha Archer (anime) +Damages your opponent  +
Achacha Chanbara +Damages your opponent  +
Achacha Chanbara (D Team) +Damages your opponent  +

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