This property lists the Japanese name of a video game chapter. It uses string values.

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Changes: Preparing for the Tournament and a Looming Shadow +大会の準備、暗躍する影  +
Completion: New Friends, New Partnerships +新たな仲間、協力の結晶  +
Going Home: Memories Long Past and a Hand of Hope +受け継ぐ想い、希望の手  +
The Beginning: The Frontier Lands, Crash Town +辺境の地 クラッシュタウン  +
The Encounter: Team Satisfaction +チーム・サティスファクション  +
The Turning Point: Just Me and My Duel Runner +D・ホイールと共に  +
To the Future: State of the WRGP and the World +WRGPの行方、世界の行方  +

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