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/Assault Mode +Slash Buster  +
Officer 227 +Duel Chaser 227  +
AD Archie +AD Fujita  +
Abare Ushioni (character) +Raging Cattle Demon  +
Abe the Monkey Man +Ape  +
Absorbing Kid from the Sky (character) +Absorption Child  +
Academy Duel Disk Osiris Red promotional cards +Academy Duel Disk Osiris Red  +
Yosuke Adachi +Yosuke Adachi  +
Adam (anime) +Koki Kuzuyama  +
Adhesive Explosive (character) +Instantaneous Bomber  +
Admiral +Anacis  +
Advanced Crystal Beast +Advanced Gem Beast  +
Advent of Union +Advent of Union  +
Aegis of Gaia (character) +Divine Protection of the Goddess  +
Aero +Yuji  +
Aesir +Polar God  +
Aether +Etherweapon  +
Sergeant Aikawa +Sergeant Aikawa  +
Airknight Parshath (character) +Angel Knight Perseus  +
Aite +Nagare Kandagawa  +
Declan Akaba +Reiji Akaba  +
Declan Akaba (Legacy of the Duelist) +Reiji  +
Declan Akaba (Tag Force) +Reiji Akaba  +
Henrietta Akaba +Himika Akaba  +
Riley Akaba +Layra Akaba  +

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