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"A" Cell Breeding Device +「A」細胞増殖装置  +
"A" Cell Incubator +「A」細胞培養装置  +
"A" Cell Recombination Device +「A」細胞組み換え装置  +
"A" Cell Scatter Burst +「A」細胞散布爆弾  +
"C" +<ruby class="rubytext ruby-ja" lang="ja"><rb>G</rb><rp>(</rp><rt>ジー</rt><rp>)</rp></ruby>  +
/Assault Mode +<ruby class="rubytext ruby-ja" lang="ja"><rb>/</rb><rp>(</rp><rt>スラッシュ</rt><rp>)</rp></ruby>バスター  +
00 Rush +00ラッシュ  +
100-Year Awakening +100年の目覚め  +
The 13th Grave +13人目の埋葬者  +
The 13th Grave (DDM video game) +13人目の埋葬者  +
The 13th Grave (DDM) +13人目の埋葬者  +
The 13th Grave (DM1) +13にんめのまいそうしゃ  +
The 13th Grave (DM2) +13にんめのまいそうしゃ  +
The 13th Grave (DOR) +13人目の埋葬者  +
The 13th Grave (FMR) +13人目の埋葬者  +
The 13th Grave (anime DDM) +13人目の埋葬者  +
The 13th Grave (anime) +13人目の埋葬者  +
1st Movement Solo +独奏の第1楽章  +
1st Movement Solo (anime) +独奏の第1楽章  +
20th Anniversary Pack 1st Wave +<span lang="ja-Latn">20th ANNIVERSARY PACK 1st WAVE</span>  +
20th Anniversary Pack 2nd Wave +<span lang="ja-Latn">20th ANNIVERSARY PACK 2nd WAVE</span>  +
20th Legendary Collection +20th レジェンダリー・コレクション  +
20th Rival Collection +20th ライバル・コレクション  +
3-Hump Lacooda +みつこぶラクーダ  +
3-eyed Vespider +みつめのパープルスパイダー  +

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