This property lists the Decks used by characters in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Spirit Caller.

This property uses string values.

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Acrobat Monkey (character) +Acrobat Attack!  +
Adhesive Explosive (character) +D.D. Express!  +
Admiral +Strongest Ocean Deck  +
Amnael (Spirit Caller) +Ultimate Alchemy  +
Babycerasaurus (character) +Super Saurus  +
Lyman Banner +Ultimate Alchemy  +
Batteryman C (character) +Max Energy  +
Batteryman D (character) +Super Full Energy  +
Beauregard +Rampaging Giant  +, Big Impact  +, Birth of the Dark Ruler (Duelist in Disguise)  +
Beelze Frog (character) +Emperor's Feast  +
Blast Asmodian (character) +Direct Firepower  +
Brier +Piercing Spear  +, Critical Strike  +
Camula +Immortal Lady  +, Eternal Banquet  +
Vellian Crowler (Spirit Caller) +Ancient Strategies  +, Ancient Intelligence  +, Watch and Learn  +,
Vellian Crowler +Ancient Strategies  +, Ancient Intelligence  +, Watch and Learn  +,
Dimitri +Ancient Army  +, Immortal Magicians  +, Resurrecting Magicians  +,
Don Zaloog (character) +Team, Assemble!  +, Warrior Bloodline  +, Mighty Dark Scorpions  +
Dox +Labyrinth Lurker  +, Labyrinth Creeper  +
Dragon Piper (Spirit Caller character) +Black Dragon's Wrath  +
Ebon Magician Curran (character) +Curran's Punishment  +
Ishiki Erishi +Gravekeeper Deck  +, Silent Magic  +, Quiet Circle  +
Blair Flannigan +Wholehearted Love  +, The Power of Love  +
Blair Flannigan (Spirit Caller) +Wholehearted Love  +, The Power of Love  +
Fonda Fontaine +Take Your Vitamins  +, Stay Healthy  +
Hane-Hane (Spirit Caller character) +Return & Return  +

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