This property lists the Decks used by characters in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force.

This property uses String values.

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Aite +Halloween Corpse  +
Alvaro +Evolving Threat  +
Amnael (Tag Force) +Destruction Brings Life  +, Beat of Eternity  +
Anca +Warrior Recruit  +
Andrea (Tag Force) +Beloved Rex  +
Lyman Banner (Tag Force) +Source-less Existence  +, Finite Entity  +
Lyman Banner +Source-less Existence  +, Finite Entity  +, Destruction Brings Life  +,
Bawnji +Zombie Resurrection  +
Bivin +Overage Turtle  +
Brown +Empty Darkness  +
Camula +Immortal Ones  +
Celia +Raging Gale  +
Colin +Idol Deck 1  +, Idol Deck 2  +
Corey +Armageddon's Aftermath  +
Craig +The SF Set  +
Vellian Crowler +Skill Leader (Beg)  +, Skill Leader (Int)  +, Skill Leader (Adv)  +,
Vellian Crowler (Tag Force) +Skill Leader (Beg)  +, Skill Leader (Int)  +, Future Chancellor  +,
Damon +Soul Draw  +
Dante (Tag Force) +Furious Fire  +
Dark Magician Girl (Tag Force) +Magicians  +
Dean +Fiery Teacher  +
Deloge +True Path Trap Removal  +
Deron +Deron Special  +
Disa +Weeping King  +
Don Zaloog (character) +Dark Scorpion Burglars  +

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