This text property documents the Fusion Monsters a given monster is a Fusion Material for. There is a counterpart property for Synchro Monsters at Property:Synchro Material for, a counterpart property for the Fusion Material Monsters of a given Fusion Monster at Property:Fusion Material, and a more general property for Fusion/Synchro/Xyz material requirements at Property:Materials.

Pages using the property "Fusion Material for"

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A-Assault Core +ABC-Dragon Buster  +
ABC-Dragon Buster +A-to-Z-Dragon Buster Cannon  +
Aleister the Invoker +Invoked Caliga  +, Invoked Cocytus  +, Invoked Magellanica  +,
Alligator's Sword +Alligator's Sword Dragon  +
Alligator's Sword (anime) +Alligator's Sword Dragon (anime)  +
Amazon of the Seas +Aqua Dragon  +, Man-eating Black Shark  +
Amazoness Queen +Amazoness Empress  +
Amazoness Queen (anime) +Amazoness Empress  +
Amazoness Tiger +Amazoness Pet Liger  +
Amazoness Tiger (anime) +Amazoness Pet Liger (anime)  +
Ambulanceroid +Ambulance Rescueroid  +
Ambulanceroid (anime) +Ambulance Rescueroid (anime)  +
Ancient Brain +Skull Knight  +
Ancient Elf +Mystical Sand  +
Ancient Gear Golem +Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem  +
Ancient Gear Hunting Hound (anime) +Double Ancient Gear Hunting Hound  +, Triple Ancient Gear Hunting Hound  +, Chaos Ancient Gear Giant  +
Ancient Gear Hunting Hound (later anime) +Double Ancient Gear Hunting Hound  +, Triple Ancient Gear Hunting Hound  +, Chaos Ancient Gear Giant  +
Armaill +Dragoness the Wicked Knight  +
Armaill (anime) +Dragoness the Wicked Knight (anime)  +
B-Buster Drake +ABC-Dragon Buster  +
Baby Dragon +Thousand Dragon  +, Alligator's Sword Dragon  +
Baby Dragon (anime) +Alligator's Sword Dragon (anime)  +
Barrel Dragon +Gatling Dragon  +
Barrel Dragon (later anime) +Gatling Dragon (anime)  +
Battle Ox +Rabid Horseman  +

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