This Property describes is a Monster Card is a Flip Effect Monster. It has type String.

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4-Starred Ladybug of Doom +Yes  +
4-Starred Ladybug of Doom (anime) +Yes  +
Absorbing Jar +Yes  +
Alien Grey +Yes  +
Armed Ninja +Yes  +
Armed Ninja (DBT) +Yes  +
Armed Ninja (anime) +Yes  +
Arsenal Summoner +Yes  +
Ashingray +Yes  +
Aussa the Earth Charmer +Yes  +
Baby Raccoon Tantan +Yes  +
Batteryman Micro-Cell +Yes  +
Big Eye +Yes  +
Big Eye (DBT) +Yes  +
Big Eye (anime) +Yes  +
Bite Shoes +Yes  +
Bite Shoes (DBT) +Yes  +
Blastant +Yes  +
Bombardment Beetle +Yes  +
Brain Jacker +Yes  +
Bubonic Vermin +Yes  +
Bubonic Vermin (DBT) +Yes  +
Castle of Dark Illusions +Yes  +
Castle of Dark Illusions (DBT) +Yes  +
A Cat of Ill Omen +Yes  +

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