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Featured Card/Ally of Justice Catastor +At long last, the [[Duel Terminal]]s are coming to the United States! And with them, TCG players are surely anticipating a variety of new archetypes – “[[X-Saber]]s” have already been released, but “[[Mist Valley]]”, “[[Genex]]”, and “[[Flamvell]]” monsters have not. The only other archetype at all represented in English are the “[[Allies of Justice]]” with a contribution of precisely one card, which may seem small. However, “'''[[Ally of Justice Catastor]]'''”, the first of these machines to invade the TCG, may be the best one. "Catastor's" stats are fairly mediocre; 2200 ATK for a level 5 Synchro. However, its effect means that it can be splashed easily into every deck with any sort of access to a Tuner monster, because if it battles a face-up non-[[DARK]] monster, the monster is automatically destroyed – ''before'' [[damage calculation]]. As opposed to problem solvers such as “[[D.D. Warrior Lady]]”, which will cause you [[battle damage]] if rammed into your opponent's monster, Catastor simply gets rid of it. Not [[DARK]]? Okay – boom! This means it can easily take down more powerful monsters, such as “[[Judgment Dragon]]”, “[[Gladiator Beast Heraklinos]]”, or “[[Goyo Guardian]]”. But only using it to remove a big monster is a waste of its talent. You can take out useful searchers such as “[[Giant Rat]]”, “[[Pyramid Turtle]]”, and “[[Nova Summoner]]”, because their effects will not activate when you destroy them with this effect. Furthermore, its effect doesn't only activate when it attacks, so it can become an incredible wall. To be really mean, combine it with “[[Battle Mania]]” to wipe your opponent's field clean of monsters! Besides this, its level makes it especially easy to summon. You can use anything from “[[Junk Synchron]]” to “[[Deep Sea Diva]]” to bring out the Ally. The main reason that Catastor is better than the other “[[Allies of Justice]]” is because their effects are specifically aimed at [[LIGHT]] monsters. This machine doesn't have that specificity, so with its ease of summoning and super-powered effect, expect to see “[[Ally of Justice Catastor]]” in practically any and every extra deck, very soon!  +
Featured Card/Archlord Kristya +Ah, [[Special Summon]]s. By now, they are the bread and butter of many Decks. With the advent of [[Synchro Monsters]], many Decks focus exclusively on their ability to Synchro Summon - if something locks them out of their Synchro Summons, or Special Summons in general, then they are generally beaten right away. When that ''something'' is a Level 8 monster with 2800 ATK and the ability to come back right after you get rid of it, they are toast. Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present "'''[[Archlord Kristya]]'''", the card you definitely don't want to see on your opponent's side of the field. "Kristya" has not one, not two, not even ''three'' noteworthy effects - it has a grand total of four. First of all, you can Special Summon it by having exactly four [[Fairy|Fairies]] in your [[Graveyard]]. This makes its Summon fairly easy - many Fairies like "[[Honest]]", "[[Hecatrice]]", and "[[Herald of Orange Light]]" can dump themselves into the Graveyard with ease. Of course, "Kristya" doesn't ''have'' to be Special Summoned by this effect - you can use "[[Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen]]" or "[[Call of the Haunted]]" to Special Summon it, or even [[Tribute Summon]] it. You will want to use its effect, though, because if it is Special Summoned by its own effect, you can return one of those Fairies to your [[hand]]! One obvious choice would be the aforementioned "[[Honest]]", which allows this card to power over anything, including on-field Synchros. That 4000 ATK "[[Colossal Fighter]]" isn't so powerful now, is it? Third is the most powerful effect of this card, the one most dreaded by duelists - "Neither player can Special Summon monsters". It is a "[[Royal Oppression]]" with 2800 ATK! Sorry, but it looks like the monsters that you would be using to take out this huge threat - "[[Judgment Dragon]]", "[[Dark Armed Dragon]]", "[[Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier]]", and others - are just going to be useless. And not much that is Normal Summoned can deal with it either. Finally, whenever it would go from the field to the Graveyard, it returns to the top of your Deck instead. Meaning that even if your opponent uses "[[Mirror Force]]" or "[[Smashing Ground]]" to deal with "Archlord Kristya", it will be back next turn - and this time your opponent will have even less ways to stop it. So, the question is, where do you put this powerful card? Well, it can fit into a couple decks, one being a Fairy deck, and the other being [[Lightsworns]]. It seems counterintuitive, as "Lightsworns" rely on Special Summons with "[[Wulf, Lightsworn Beast|Wulf]]", "[[Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner|Lumina]]", and "[[Judgment Dragon]]". The trick here is to Summon "Kristya" ''after'' you make those special summons, ensuring your opponent cannot counter with their own. It is a strategy that has been in use for a while - [[Teleport Dark Armed|Tele-DAD]] and [[Synchro Cat]] decks often [[Main Deck|Main]] or [[Side Deck]]ed "[[Royal Oppression]]" in their heyday. With Lightsworns, it is even better, because that "Royal Oppression" now has 2800 ATK and recycles itself. And with many Fairies being used in "Lightsworns", such as "[[Celestia, Lightsworn Angel|Celestia]]", "[[Honest]]", and the TCG-exclusive "[[Shire, Lightsworn Spirit]]", it is easy to Summon. Otherwise, you can build a Deck based around "Kristya" itself - using cards like "[[Nova Summoner]]" and "[[Shining Angel]]" to thin the Deck and fill the Graveyard for "Kristya's" summon. So, how do you get rid of "Kristya"? There's really only one good answer - [[Banish|remove it from play]]. Use "[[Bottomless Trap Hole]]" to get it as soon as it enters the field, or "[[Caius the Shadow Monarch]]" to remove it while it's on the field. Alternatively, you can negate the Special Summon with cards like "[[Black Horn of Heaven]]", "[[Royal Oppression]]", or "[[Solemn Judgment]]". This prevents it from hitting the field, so it won't be able to recycle itself. You can even use "[[D.D. Crow]]" to control the number of Fairies in your opponent's Graveyard, preventing it from special summoning itself. You will want to have at least one of these options in your Main Deck or Side Deck, because "Archlord Kristya" can tear through most Decks out there, and stopping it will be a priority.  +
Featured Card/Beast King Barbaros +Ah, [[Beatdown Deck|Beatdown Decks]]. The choice for any aggressive player, these [[Deck|Decks]] focus on monsters with high [[ATK]] to wipe your opponent's field clean and quickly drop their [[Life Points]] to 0. A common misconception to making this type of Deck are that your monsters of choice are only in your Deck for its ATK, and as such, adding monsters with both high ATK and powerful effects is a natural move for these Decks. This is where this card shines at its best. Now, "[[Beast King Barbaros]]" may not look like much: There are notable [[Level 8]] [[3000 ATK Monster Cards|3000 ATK monsters]] out there with other, more harmful, effects, like the popular "[[Judgment Dragon]]", or "[[Gladiator Beast Heraklinos]]", "[[Vampire Genesis]]", "[[Flying Fortress SKY FIRE]]" and "[[VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon]]". But this card has higher strategic use. Let's take a look at his first effect: "''You can [[Normal Summon]] or [[Set]] this card without [[Tribute|Tributing]]. If you do, its [[original ATK]] becomes 1900.''" Sound too heavy for a sacrifice? Not really. 1900 ATK is already good for a monster that can be Normal Summoned without tribute. And that's just the beginning! If you play a [[Skill Drain Deck]], it'll be like you summoned a 3000 ATK beatstick for free! Or perhaps when your opponent is feeling lucky enough to attack it in Attack Position, you can use "[[Forbidden Chalice]]" on it to not only boost its ATK by 400, but [[negate]] its own ATK-cutting effect, turning it into an instant 3400 ATK monster, and when "Forbidden Chalice's" effect disappears, "Barbaros'" original ATK will stay at 3000! This may be a predictable strategy, but it'll make your opponent think twice before attacking. Now for its second effect: "''You can Tribute 3 monsters to [[Tribute Summon]] this card. When you do, destroy all cards your opponent controls.''" BAM! This card possesses the combined effects of "[[Gilford the Lightning]]" and "[[Moisture Creature]]", and that's for the same cost as them, too. Your opponent may have prepared their defenses with the likes of "[[Mirror Force]]" and "[[Scrap-Iron Scarecrow]]", but with "Barbaros'" field-clearing effect, they better brace themselves for one big direct attack. So, which Deck can this card be placed in, aside for your Beatdowns? Your [[Beast]]/[[Beast-Warrior]]/[[Winged Beast]] Deck would look good and be powerful with him in it. Oh, and don't be shy to add up to three copies of him in your Deck. His effects speak for himself. And for a little trivia: This card's name in Japanese is '''God Beastking Barbaros'''. You now know why.  +
Featured Card/Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning +You saw it coming. Hot off the [[Forbidden]] List, today we're going to be talking about the most hyped card of the [[September 2011 Lists|September 2011]] format so far - "'''[[Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning]]'''"! An infamous monster, "Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning" first debuted all the way back in ''[[Invasion of Chaos]]'', and what an invasion it was. Along with its equally infamous partner, "[[Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End]]", this card was known as one of the pioneers of the annual Forbidden and Limited List, hitting Forbidden status in September 2005, where it would remain till the end of the game... ... That is, so we thought, until [[September 2011 Lists|September 2011]] rolled around. Whether you guessed it from an eyebrow-raising ''[[Gold Series 4: Pyramids Edition|Gold Series 4]]'' reprint, or were shocked beyond belief, prepare for the beginning of a metagame centralized around this Envoy. Firstly, let's take a look at why this card is held in such high regard: "BLS" is a LIGHT monster, bolstering a massive 3000 ATK and 2500 DEF. Being at the forefront of the [[Chaos]] standard, this monster is Special Summoned by [[banish]]ing 1 LIGHT and 1 DARK monster in your Graveyard, making throwing this 3000 ATK beatstick onto the board a simple feat. But it doesn't end there! The first of "BLS"'s two devastating effects, similar to the more widely familiar "[[Chaos Sorcerer]]", is the power to banish any monster on the field, once per turn! Unlike "Chaos Sorcerer", this card can banish a monster that's face-up OR face-down, preventing "[[Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter]]" or "[[XX-Saber Emmersblade]]" from escaping its fury. Its second effect allows it to strike twice each time it destroys a monster, making each attack from this behemoth a dangerous one! Let's look at how this card is shaping the current game. With the addition of "[[Tour Guide From the Underworld]]" to the ''[[TCG]]'', this card becomes easier than ever to summon in virtually any Deck. By splashing 3 "Tour Guides" and a "[[Sangan]]" into a Deck that runs the popular "[[Effect Veiler]]", this card is set-up just by drawing into 1 card. "[[Lightsworn]]" Decks have once again risen up, with the Unlimiting of boss monster "[[Judgment Dragon]]", and Semi-Limiting of "[[Necro Gardna]]" - "BLS" now grants this destructive archetype a minimum of 4 3000 ATKers that can easily be brought to the field. [[Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship|YCS]] favorite archetype "[[Agent]]s" have also changed their strategy to accommodate this beast, now opting to run "[[T.G.]]" or "Tour Guide" builds to boost their DARK count, while [[Plant]]s join the sea of Decks adapting to utilize this card. The myraid of various tricks that can be performed with this card including the ability to tear through monsters with "[[Honest]]", followed by a painful boosted direct attack makes the summoning of "BLS" one of the most dreaded things to face down this format. If you can't counter this card, you sure as hell better be running it!  +
Featured Card/Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon +Aside from the Egyptian God Cards, this is undoubtedly one of the most powerful cards in Duel Monsters. [[Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon]] is formed from a [[Fusion Monster Cards|Fusion]] of 3 [[Blue-Eyes White Dragon]]s. There are many ways to summon this awesome creature, ranging from [[Polymerization]], [[Fusion Gate]] or [[Cyber-Stein]]. It is, however, still susceptible to effects from Monsters, as well as Spell and Trap Cards, whereas some [[Fusion Monsters]] have abilities to negate Effects and/or Spell Cards and/or Trap Cards.  +
Featured Card/Breaker the Magical Warrior +"[[Breaker the Magical Warrior]]" is [[Limited]] in both [[Advanced Format|Advanced]] and [[Traditional Format]]s, and that status will change with the March 2007 Ban/Limited List. In most situations, this card will come onto the [[field]] as a 1900/1000 beatstick, which is quite respectable for a LV 4 monster. What keeps this card on the [[Limited]] list, though, is his secret weapon: the ability to [[destroy]] one [[Spell Cards|Spell]] or [[Trap Cards|Trap]] card on the [[field]], at the cost of 300 [[ATK]]. Considering "[[Breaker the Magical Warrior]]" as nothing more than a means of [[Spell Cards|Spell]]/[[Trap Cards|Trap]] destruction, he's not particularly remarkable -- ''until'' you consider that he can be reused... over, and over, and over, and over, as long as you keep him supplied with [[Spell Counter]]s, making him a staple or at least good-to-use card in spell counter decks. If you use a "[[Mystical Space Typhoon]]" or "[[Dust Tornado]]" to destroy one of your opponent's [[Spell Cards|Spell]]/[[Trap Cards|Trap]] cards, you're getting 1:1. "[[Breaker the Magical Warrior]]", on the other hand, is ''at least'' a 1:2, as not only can he destroy a [[Spell Cards|Spell]]/[[Trap Cards|Trap]] card, but you'll still have a 1600/1000 left over. Although 1600 [[ATK]] is relatively low for a LV 4 monster, it will easily pierce most [[Defense Position]] staples (such as the ever-present "[[Magician of Faith]]" and "[[Mask of Darkness]]"). This is ''definitely'' a card for most [[Deck]]s, regardless of type, especially those that can easily generate repeated [[Spell Counter]]s courtesy of "[[Apprentice Magician]]" or "[[Pitch-Black Power Stone]]". One card to [[destroy]] your opponent's [[Spell Cards|Spell]]/[[Trap Cards]] and another to [[attack]] -- or one card that can do both? The choice is yours.  +
Featured Card/Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier +Ever since the introduction of [[Synchro Monsters]], the speed and power of the [[metagame]] has increased tenfold and this card is certainly one of the most useful Monsters released so far. At first glance, this card might not seem to be worth playing, having only mediocre stats of 2300 [[ATK]] and 1400 [[DEF]], which is low for a [[Level]] 6 [[Synchro Monster]], and can easily be surpassed by the likes of "[[Goyo Guardian]]", "[[Stardust Dragon]]" and even any "[[Monarch]]" or the rarely used "[[Summoned Skull]]", but it's the effect of '''[[Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier]]''' which gives it its rightful place on the [[Limited|Limited List]]. As already mentioned, "Brionac" has rather mediocre stats and can be defeated by an almost endless list of monsters. However, it shines whenever you have cards in your [[hand]], since you can simply [[discard]] any number of them to return the same amount of cards to their owner's [[hand]]. This can be used to either disrupt your opponent's strategies or help you reuse and abuse the effects of certain cards, such as "[[Swords of Revealing Light]]" to create a near unstoppable block. Another good point to this card's effect is that it can be used multiple times in a turn, meaning you can discard cards from your [[hand]] one-at-a-time, and not end up with no cards in your [[hand]] in case you happen to run into a "[[Divine Wrath]]". Given how this card cannot be stopped by the commonly played "[[Stardust Dragon]]", there is no reason that this card can't be placed in every deck which has access to [[Tuner monsters]]. It can also single-handedly ''turn the tide'' of almost any [[Duel]], by returning all the cards your opponent controls to their [[hand]], leaving them wide open for a [[direct attack]], also its [[Level]] makes it very easy to Summon, especially with low Level [[Tuner monsters]] like "[[Krebons]]" and "[[X-Saber Airbellum]]". The main reason why "Brionac" is better than most other [[Synchro Monsters]] is that it has only a handful of cards which can negate its effect once it activates, whereas others can be stopped by much more. So there's no reason why "[[Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier]]" doesn't deserve to be included in almost every [[Extra Deck]].  +
Featured Card/Cactus Bouncer +[[Plant]]s are often forgotten about when building a deck. They get lost in the big names of "[[Gladiator Beasts]]", "[[Lightsworn]]", "[[Blackwing]]", "[[X-Saber]]", and the like. There isn't really a star among the Plants that rivals that of a card like "[[Judgment Dragon]]" or "[[Dark Armed Dragon]]", but they do have their very own "[[Archlord Kristya]]", and it comes in the form a monster than can be [[Normal Summon]]ed called "[[Cactus Bouncer]]". First of all, to understand this prickly Plant's power, you need to understand its stats and effect. At level 4, it's an easy monster to bring out and start locking down. Just as significant, it has 1800 ATK, meaning if your opponent can't Special Summon they may not have a huge number of monsters that can best it in battle to stop the lockdown. Finally, in order for its effect to work, there must be another Plant somewhere on the field - either side. And appropriately, it itself can't be Special Summoned. Past popular Plant Decks like [[Debris-Hime]] didn't have access to this recently released [[TCG]] exclusive card, which is ironic, as Debris-Hime didn't make it to the TCG [[metagame]] anyways. "Cactus Bouncer" may not be able to be [[Special Summon]]ed, but it can be searched by the likes of "[[Violet Witch]]" and "[[Botanical Girl]]", so it can still be easy enough to access. The ability to prevent Special Summons is a fair trade-off if you know how to get around its restrictions. That's right, you need to manipulate "Cactus Bouncer" to use it to its fullest. Popular Plant cards like "[[Lonefire Blossom]]" and "[[Gigaplant]]" are Special Summon "machines", and they are the key to victory - so, you'll need to know how to get around the Bouncer. So how do you manipulate this preventing monster so you can perform your Special Summons? Easy, "[[Book of Moon]]" and other similar cards. Flip that "Cactus Bouncer" [[Face-down|face-down]] and start your Special Summons. Afterwards, [[Flip Summon]] it to prevent cards like "[[Gorz the Emissary of Darkness]]", "[[Tragoedia]]", or "[[Battle Fader]]" from ruining your attacks. "[[Compulsory Evacuation Device]]" also works here. Both have the added benefit of being able to deal with your opponent's troublesome monster that could overpower the Bouncer. Alternatively, take advantage of the fact that it needs another Plant to work, with cards that Special Summon while in the grave such as "[[Mystic Tomato]]" and "[[Lord Poison]]". You can't use the effect of "[[Lonefire Blossom]]" while the Bouncer is on the field because the effect activates on the field, while the lockdown is still applied. But if either "Lord Poison" or "Mystic Tomato" is destroyed by battle and there are no other Plants on the field (besides the Bouncer), "Cactus Bouncer"'s effect will not apply, so you can Special Summon a monster with either of their effects. You may be worried about losing such a monster, and while it doesn't have the same recurring effect that "[[Archlord Kristya]]" does, it does have access to other support, like "[[Wall of Thorns]]", "[[Tytannial, Princess of Camellias]]", and "[[Black Garden]]". "Black Garden"? Oh, yeah, the [[Field Spell Card]] that will halve the [[ATK]] of any monster that your opponent Normal or Spec.., er, nope, they can't Special Summon! If you summon the Bouncer and activate the Garden, your opponent will probably only get one summon before Black Garden pumps out a Rose Token and the lock takes effect. So they'll have a hard time getting a more powerful monster out, unless you happen to face a "Lightsworn" or "Blackwing" Deck, which could use "[[Honest]]" or "[[Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow]]", respectively. In any case, it's not as though you can't just summon another "Cactus Bouncer". The rise of [[Plants#GigaVise|GigaVise]] Decks will be happy to add this card to their Deck to help control the speed of the duel. Even if you're going to look at making a Debris-Hime Deck, "[[Skill Drain]]" can nullify the effect of no Special Summons, which you can always return to your hand with "[[Giant Trunade]]" or negate with "[[Trap Stun]]". Plants now have a way to keep with everyone else, and it's by forcing others to slow down.  +
Featured Card/Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End +"'''[[Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End]]'''" is a card that was first released on [[Invasion of Chaos]]. This card alongside "[[Chaos Sorcerer]]" and "[[Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning]]" started the popular [[Chaos Deck]]s that combined [[Dark]] and [[Light]] Monsters to quickly [[Summon]] both Envoys and Chaos Sorcerer and that become a nightmare for other players since the powerful effects of the Chaos monsters. Since its release this card become very popular among players due to his mighty effect, huge attack, the fact that it was very easy to summon and the low cost to [[activate]] its effect. However, other players considered it to be broken and overpowered, which caused this monster to be [[Forbidden]] in [[September 2004 Lists|September 2004]]. A strategy that was quickly discovered when this card was released was its ability to introduce an unbreakable "[[Yata-Garasu Lockdown|Yata-Lock]]" with the help of "[[Sangan]]" or "[[Witch of the Black Forest]]". The strategy was simple: The player activates "[[Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End|Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End's]]" effect while either "Sangan" or "Witch of the Black Forest" is on the [[Playing Field|field]], then with effect of any of these two monsters add "[[Yata-Garasu]]" to their hand, summon him and attack directly. Thanks to Yata's effect the opponent will not be able to draw a card during their turn and with no cards on the field and hand will be unable to do anything, assuring victory to Yata's controller. This strategy become feared by most of players and caused "[[Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End]]" and "[[Yata-Garasu]]" to be banned. Despite being [[Forbidden]] in [[Advanced Format]] this card is still popular in [[Traditional Format]] due to his powerful abilities and even through he's forbidden now, his legacy still lives in his downgraded version: "[[Demise, King of Armageddon]]".  +
Featured Card/Cyber Dragon +"[[Cyber Dragon]]" was first released in '''[[Cybernetic Revolution]]''', with a further three reprints in the '''[[2006 Collectors Tins]]''', '''[[Mattel Action Figures Promos: Series 3]]''' and '''[[Duelist Pack 4: Zane Truesdale]]'''. In Japan, it was released in '''[[Cybernetic Revolution]]''', with three reprints in the '''[[Academy Duel Disk Special Edition Promos]]''', and '''[[Duelist Pack 4: Zane Truesdale]]'''. In the early days of this card's existence, it was the ideal card to use in [[Chaos Deck]]s, owing to it's [[Light]] Attribute, and easy summon requirements. It is able to quickly [[swarm]] the field, offer a respectable 2100 [[ATK]] in the form of a [[Beatstick]], and can be used immediately as Tribute Fodder for a [[Tribute Summon]], since the summon via it's effect is a [[Special Summon]]. It is also the basis for an entire [[Archetype]] of cards. It has three [[Fusion Monster]]s it is able to fuse into; '''[[Cyber Twin Dragon]]''', '''[[Chimeratech Overdragon]]''', and the feared '''[[Cyber End Dragon]]'''. It also has three monsters within the same family; '''[[Proto-Cyber Dragon]]''', '''[[Cyber Barrier Dragon]]''' and '''[[Cyber Laser Dragon]]'''. '''[[Cyber Dragon]]''' has since become a [[staple]] in nearly every [[Deck]], but especially in Monarch Deck's, [[Machine]] Decks, [[LIGHT]] Decks, and any Swarm-based Deck, like [[Warrior]]s. This easy splashability has been criticized, especially since most, if not all Top 8 players in [[Regional Tournaments]] have three of these per [[Deck]]. Any suggestion of a limitation, is countered by the fact that it would harm pure-breed [[Cyber Dragon Deck]]s.  +
Featured Card/Cyber End Dragon +Cyber End Dragon is formed from a [[Fusion]] of 3 [[Cyber Dragon]]s, and is indeed a powerful card. It inflicts the difference between its [[ATK]] and its opponent's [[DEF]] as [[Direct Damage]]. It can be summoned in a variety of ways. [[Polymerization]] is the old school method. But [[Fusion Gate]], [[Cyber-Stein]], and [[Power Bond]] will also summon it. It can also be used with [[Limiter Removal]], doubling its attack, although [[Power Bond]] will provide that also.  +
Featured Card/D.D. Crow +With the recent release of "[[Blackwings|Blackwing]]" monsters along with more [[DARK]] support cards, duelists have been looking for other [[DARK]] [[Winged Beast]]-[[Type]] monsters and this card is by far one of the best which fits in those categories. Now at first glance, this card might not seem like much with only 100 [[ATK]] and [[DEF]]. Virtually every monster in the game can destroy it in battle. However, the effect of '''[[D.D. Crow]]''' makes up for all its flaws in battle and, at the same time, makes it a noteworthy card. So what makes its effect so useful? Well firstly, it can be used against the quite commonly-played "[[Pot of Avarice]]" by removing 1 of the monsters your opponent selects to return to their Deck, preventing them from returning the 4 other monsters that they wanted back in their Deck. The effect of "[[D.D. Crow]]" can also be used to remove the third [[DARK]] monster in your opponent's [[Graveyard]] slowing them down in the attempt to Summon the infamous "[[Dark Armed Dragon]]", or you could remove that fourth "[[Lightsworn]]" preventing the Summoning of "[[Judgment Dragon]]" and possibly giving you another turn to start a counter attack. Now of course "[[D.D. Crow]]" isn't just limited to removing monsters. You can also remove your opponent's [[Spell Cards|Spell]] and [[Trap Cards]] as well, stopping cards like "[[Magical Stone Excavation]]", "[[Mask of Darkness]]", and "[[Spell Reproduction]]" dead in their tracks. Also, if the card has a [[cost]] to activate it, your opponent will still have to pay it and get nothing back as a result giving you more of a field/hand advantage. Its effect, ironically, can also help the Summon and activate the effect of the aforementioned "[[Dark Armed Dragon]]", since it is also a [[DARK]] monster and can contribute to the three [[DARK]] monsters in your [[Graveyard]] required to [[Special Summon]] it. As you can tell, "[[D.D. Crow]]" is a very flexible card and can be quite deadly and annoying when used correctly. With all these examples of stopping cards from either being summoned or being able to resolve their effects, there is no reason why "[[D.D. Crow]]" shouldn't be at least a [[Side Deck]] in your most competitive [[Deck]].  +
Featured Card/Dark Armed Dragon +'''[[Dark Armed Dragon]]''', what is considered the "Dark" version of [[Armed Dragon LV7]], has become a major card that finds its place in many Decks. Originally a [[Rare]] from [[Phantom Darkness]], this card has grown into a beast that many find troublesome. First of all, because [[Dark Armed Dragon]] has extremely easy summoning requirements, many players find Dark Armed Dragon to be a field-clearer and an effective beatstick after that. One way to summon it is to discard a level 5 or higher [[DARK]] monster to [[Special Summon]] "[[Dark Grepher]]", then activate its effect to discard a second [[DARK]] monster from your Hand to send third from your [[Main Deck|Deck]] to your [[Graveyard]], thus setting the 3-monster requirement to summon this card. A side method to summon it is to suicide three [[Mystic Tomato]] or [[Giant Germ]]. In addition, cards like "[[The Dark Creator]]", "[[Armageddon Knight]]", "[[Prometheus, King of the Shadows]]", and "[[Skull Lair]]" are great cards to use with [[Dark Armed Dragon]] to manipulate the amount of [[DARK]] monsters in your [[Graveyard]]. Secondly, if you're playing in [[Traditional Format]], summon "[[Dark Armed Dragon]]" and use his effect to clear your opponent's field. Then, if you removed powerful [[DARK]] monsters from play you can activate "[[Dimension Fusion]]" to summon the removed from play monsters and attack to end the game. For an [[Advanced Format]] version, use [[Return from the Different Dimension]]. A third strategy you can use treats your [[Dark Armed Dragon]], literally as a machine gun. [[Burial from a Different Dimension]] to reload your [[Graveyard]] with [[DARK]] monsters after you've used up three of them. Refilling your [[Graveyard]] with more [[DARK]] monsters is equivalent to reloading your [[Dark Armed Dragon]]! All in all, there are many ways to wield this dangerous dragon. And don't forget that Graveyard manipulation might even make way for your other [[DARK]] turned cards!  +
Featured Card/Dark Magician Girl +'''Dark Magician Girl''' is a far from powerful card, but is popular among the fandom for her anime appearances and [[Dark Magician Girl (Character)|roles]], along with her startling beauty. Regarding playing the card, there aren't many combos and there are plenty of better-suited monsters, but determined players can have fun with "[[Magician's Circle]]" and "[[Sage's Stone]]". The best way to make use of her [[ATK]]-increasing effect is to quickly drop a few "[[Dark Magician]]s" and/or "[[Magician of Black Chaos|Magicians of Black Chaos]]" in your [[Graveyard]]. You can use "[[Future Fusion]]" to Summon "[[Dark Paladin]]" or maybe use "[[Advanced Ritual Art]]" sending "[[Dark Magician]]" and "[[Charcoal Inpachi]]", or just to the [[Graveyard]] to Summon a powerful [[Ritual Monsters|Ritual Monster]], like "[[Demise, King of Armageddon]]". Her [[DARK]] [[Attribute]], lets you use her for cards like "[[Deck Devastation Virus]]" and many of the new [[DARK]] Attribute monsters and support, like "[[Dark Armed Dragon]]" and "[[The Beginning of the End]]".  +
Featured Card/Dark Necrofear +[[Dark Necrofear]] can be [[Special Summon]]ed after removing from play, on your side of the field, 3 [[Fiend]]-Type monsters in your [[Graveyard]]. Her Summoning requirements are rather easy, you can use cards such as [[Giant Germ]], [[Painful Choice]], or [[Magical Merchant]] to get monsters into the [[Graveyard]]. You could use her as a wall to block any attacks, or just ram her into another monster on your opponent's side of the field, and get it at the end of the turn.  +
Featured Card/Effect Veiler +[[Effect Veiler]] is a card making its TCG debut in [[Duelist Revolution]], and it is one of the cards that has the potential to impact the game not just immediately, but possibly formats to come. Effect Veiler is a versatile card, and that is extremely important in today’s metagame. Its versatility is nearly, if not as, as impressive as that of [[D.D. Crow]]; and that isn’t a statement to take lightly. Effect Veiler has the ability to negate a monster’s effects in the [[Main Phase]] of your opponent’s turn, until end of that turn. The ability to do this allows him to stop several key cards in your opponents array of offensive weapons. Key cards such as [[Infernity Archfiend]], [[XX-Saber Faultroll]], [[Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier]], [[Mist Wurm]], and the ever present [[Monarchs]] become much less of a threat when you have this card in your hand. You strip these cards of their effects, and you can essentially stop your opponent in his tracks. With the upcoming format killing some decks, and making others more viable, the [[Metagame]] is going to change. The question now becomes, which do you find more problematic, the presence of cards in the graveyard, or the effect of the monster that hits the field? Effect Veiler stops the problem when it arrives on the field, and D.D. Crow’s goal is to stop it from happening to begin with by hitting key cards in the graveyard. The potential of both cards is clear, but you don’t always have room for both, as they’re likely to take up the same slot in your main or side deck. How will this card affect the Metagame in the near future? You could say only time will tell, however if you look at the success of this card’s impact on the OCG. Frog Monarchs, aka [[Frognarchs]], have made good use of this card in the OCG, as well as [[Formula Synchron]], [[Swap Frog]], [[Fishborg Blaster]], [[Ronintoadin]], and the recently unlimited [[Treeborn Frog]]. Considering that the OCG is a good barometer for the impact cards will have in the TCG, it’s safe to say that Effect Veiler has a lot of playtime to come.  +
Featured Card/Fire Formation - Tenki +With the [[March 2013 Lists|March 1, 2013 format]] upon us, one of the pivotal cards of the format is likely to be "[[Fire Formation - Tenki]]". "Fire Formation - Tenki" allows you to [[add a card|add]] 1 [[Level]] 4 or lower [[Beast-Warrior]]-[[Type]] [[Monster Card|monster]] from your [[Main Deck|Deck]] to your [[hand]], and then it gives all Beast-Warriors on your side of the field an extra 100 [[ATK]]. "Tenki" is widely reminiscent of the popular "[[Reinforcement of the Army]]", though with the drawback that only 1 "Tenki" can be used per [[turn]]. Not only does "Tenki" search out key "[[Fire Fist]]" monsters like "[[Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Gorilla]]" and "[[Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear]]", it also searches out important monsters such as "[[Constellar Kaus]]" in "[[Constellar]]" Decks, "[[Gladiator Beast Laquari]]" or "[[Gladiator Beast Darius]]" in "[[Gladiator Beast]]" Decks, "[[Wind-Up Rabbit]]" in any Deck that uses it, and key "[[Fire King]]" monsters such as "[[Fire King Avatar Yaksha]]" and "[[Fire King Avatar Barong]]". Less prominent Decks also gain a boost from "Fire Formation - Tenki"; the card single-handedly makes a Deck based around "[[Koa'ki Meiru Urnight]]" and "[[Koa'ki Meiru Crusader]]" consistent. In the past, such Decks might have needed to rely on something like "[[M-X-Saber Invoker]]" to consistently get to "Urknight" early in the game, but that is no longer the case. You can even search out "[[Vorse Raider]]" and use the 100 ATK boost to have a legal target for "[[Deck Devastation Virus]]". "Fire Formation - Tenki" is worth experimenting with, so grab a couple of copies and start testing it out.  +
Featured Card/Gear Gigant X +Moving away from the ''[[TCG]]'' and ''[[OCG]]'' metagame for a moment - although perhaps not as far away as you might think - we introduce the ace card of the new [[Geargia]] archetype, "'''[[Gear Gigant X]]'''"! An epic name for an epic card - let's take a look at why. At first glance, "Gear Gigant X" is a standard [[Rank 4 Monster Cards|Rank 4]] [[Xyz Monster]], boasting a respectable 2300 ATK, while still leaving something to be desired, and a mundane 1500 DEF. However, like most monsters in this game, there is much more than meets the eye. "Gear Gigant X" requires 2 [[Machine-Type]] [[Xyz Material]]s to summon, and once on the field, by detaching 1 of the cogs that make up this mighty machine, you can search your deck for a Level 4 or lower Machine-Type monster! That's already a pretty punch-packing power, but if you choose to run the posterboy for the Geargia archetype, "[[Geargiano]]" or its more-modern cousin "[[Geargiano Mk-II]]", you can Special Summon one of them from your Graveyard when "Gear Gigant X" leaves the field! And what's more, this titanium tyrant is exceedingly easy to summon! The new Geargia archetype cards introduced in ''[[Return of the Duelist]]'' offer consistency and speed when summoning any Rank 4 monster. "[[Geargiarmor]]" is a card boasting a hefty 1900 DEF for a Level 4 monster, and allows you to search for any "Geargia" when it's flipped face-up! This allows you to tutor "[[Geargiaccelerator]]", another Level 4 monster who's eager to get onto the field - if you control any "Geargia" monster, you can Special Summon it straight from your hand! Finally, "[[Geargiarsenal]]" makes bringing "Geargiarmor" to the field a breeze. On the other hand, you may prefer to abuse the Geargia's excellent Graveyard control capabilities. "Geargiano" can net you a Level 4 Machine-Type from the Graveyard by tributing itself, while "[[Iron Call]]", a Normal Spell Card introduced in ''[[Duel Terminal - Ouroboros, Wicked Dragon of Destruction!!|DT14]]'' will grab you another, providing you already control one. Together, these cards give you the materials you need to Xyz Summon the king of klang instantly! Now, some of you may be a bit concerned - "With only 2300 ATK, he'll get run over by "[[Evolzar Laggia]]" and other popular Rank 4 Xyzes!" I hear you say. This may be true, but by backtracking to his first effect, we can learn how this archetype deals with several threats in the current metagame by combining with another popular Machine-Type archetye, [[Machina]]. "[[Machina Gearframe]]" is a Level 4 Machine-Type monster with 1800 ATK, and when summoned, searches for any "Machina" monster in your Deck, including the powerhouse monster, "[[Machina Fortress]]" - a monster that doesn't fear being discarded by the [[Wind-Up|Wind-Up Loop]], nor being destroyed by "[[Inzektor]]" monsters and boasts a high 2500 ATK to steamroll "Laggia" down with. Being Level 4, "Gearframe" is searched by "Gear Gigant X", allowing you almost instant-access to the feisty Fortress. Geargias are a new archetype that are both blessed and cursed with the Machine-Type, benefiting from excellent support in "[[Limiter Removal]]", but thoroughly threatened by the presence of "[[Chimeratech Fortress Dragon]]". Regardless, they are a threat and while it remains to be seen how they will fare in the upcoming metagame, underestimate them at your own peril.  +
Featured Card/Gift Card +With Christmas here, what better way to celebrate than to share the love? '''"[[Gift Card]]"''' makes the ideal Christmas present for your opponent, giving that special someone a free 3000 [[Life Points]], stamped on a pretty "[[Winged Kuriboh]]"-decorated gift certificate. If you're feeling generous, this may prove a fitting gesture to spread the warm love of Christmas to all. ...'k, enough with the sentimental BS. Card games are ''serious business'', as we all know. If you play [[Yu-Gi-Oh!]], you play to win. Hurting someone's feelings is a casualty you'll just have to take. That being said, "[[Nurse Reficule the Fallen One]]" makes the perfect Grinch to steal this year's Christmas while "[[Bad Reaction to Simochi]]" is the mistletoe your opponent better be on the look out for, lest they find themselves in an ''unlikable'' situation. Toss in a "[[Rain of Mercy]]" and a few "[[Upstart Goblin]]s" and you can create a your very own [[Burn Deck]] wrapped up in gold ribbon and garnished with a twig of spruce. So if you're generous, sneaky or if you just like cuddly-cute "[[Winged Kuriboh]]s", hopefully you'll find this in your Christmas Stocking this year. Merry Christmas and peace out.  +
Featured Card/Glow-Up Bulb +[[Plant]]s are a deck type which are currently one of the top decks, in both the [[TCG]] and the [[OCG]]. They are known for some of their powerful beatsticks, like [[Botanical Lion]], and [[Tytannial, Princess of Camellias]]. They also have the ability to toolbox many of their monsters with the versatile [[Lonefire Blossom]]. Before however, they didn’t have very much in the way of [[Tuners]], aside from the extremely useful [[Spore]] from [[The Shining Darkness]]. But now, they have a Tuner which is on par with Spore, or maybe even superior, from the new set, [[Starstrike Blast]]. That monster is, of course, [[Glow-Up Bulb]]. Glow-up Bulb may seem meagre in attack and defence, with only 100 [[ATK]] and [[DEF]]. However, it has the powerful ability to recur itself from the [[Graveyard]], and as a [[Level]] 1 Tuner, it is very useable. Its [[Effect]] promotes its usabilty, allowing you to [[Special Summon]] it, for the simple cost of one card from the top of your [[Deck]] and sending that card to the [[Graveyard]] which even helps many main [[Deck]]s today. [[Plant]] Decks often employ a usage of using the [[Graveyard]] to store resources, until they need them, and then uses other cards to bring them out, like the popular [[Debris Dragon]]. Another common thing in [[Plant]] [[Deck]]s, is the monster known as [[Dandylion]]. This monster [[Special Summon]]s two [[token]]s when it is sent to the [[Graveyard]], and it gets sent there often by cards such as [[Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter]], [[Foolish Burial]] and [[One for One]]. Because the [[Token]]s that [[Dandylion]] sends to the [[Graveyard]] are Level 1, it can be used with [[Glow-Up Bulb]] to [[Synchro Summon]] the brand new [[Formula Synchron]]. This little [[Plant]] has the potential to be played in almost any deck that [[Synchro Summon]]s, especially if they use the [[Graveyard]]. [[Glow-Up Bulb]] is one of the best ways to create [[Formula Synchron]], and is also great with a weak Emissary of Darkness token that came about when you dropped [[Gorz the Emissary of Darkness]] because you needed field presence. [[Glow-Up Bulb]] can turn the token, or even both of those monsters into beefy Level 8 [[Synchro Monster]]s, like [[Stardust Dragon]] and [[Colossal Fighter]]. This card could see play in a number of different decks, such as the aforementioned [[Plant]] deck, [[Gadget]]s (a Gadget and this card makes the powerful [[Naturia Beast]]), and upcoming [[Naturia]] decks. [[Lightsworn]] can also take good advantage of this card because the effect [[mill]]s a card, which has synergy with the [[archetype]]. This monster is a very versatile [[Tuner]], and if you need a [[Level]] 1 Tuner, this card is one of the best for the job, simply because of its versatility and reusability. However, because of the text on the card, it would be unwise to use more than one in your deck. But, don't be afraid to try splashing [[Glow-up Bulb]] into some of your decks, because this card really is the most generic [[Level]] 1 [[Tuner]] ever.  +
Featured Card/Gorz the Emissary of Darkness +The long-awaited OCG promo, recently released in the TCG, has had a great impact on the way the game is played, reinforcing the opinion that mind games are as essential as real cards in victory. Never again shall a direct attack on a clear field seem safe to the attacker, as “[[Gorz the Emissary of Darkness|Gorz]]” may be looming in the opponent’s hand. Albeit without in-built protection to keep him from harm, “[[Gorz the Emissary of Darkness|Gorz]]” is probably more threatening to a player than a field of “[[Stardust Dragon|Stardust Dragons]]”. And that is without him even ''being in play!'' He can easily be Special Summoned when you take damage while controlling no cards - an easy to fulfill requirement. According to the kind of damage, the effect he gets upon being Summoned varies: :[[Battle Damage|Battle Damage]] will allow you to also Special Summon an “Emissary of Darkness Token” with ATK and DEF equal to the [[damage]] taken, so a huge hit on you can be returned to the opponent, adding a little more too! :Otherwise, if you get burnt by a well-played “[[Chain Strike]]”, or any card that inflicts [[Effect Damage]], use “[[Gorz the Emissary of Darkness|Gorz]]” to deal just as much to the opponent, while getting “[[Gorz the Emissary of Darkness|Gorz]]” himself as a 2700 ATK [[Beatstick|beatstick]]! The amount of plays “[[Gorz the Emissary of Darkness|Gorz]]” allows is near limitless – use him or the “Emissary of Darkness Token” as a Tribute for a Tribute Summon, or for the activation of an effect. His Level 7 status allows him to be tuned with any Level 1 [[Tuner monster]], bringing out a Level 8 [[Synchro Monster]]. The 2700 ATK points “[[Gorz the Emissary of Darkness|Gorz]]” boasts are enough to bring down your opponent’s “[[Stardust Dragon]]”, “[[Monarchs]]”, “[[Black Rose Dragon]]”, “[[Magical Android]]”, “[[Ryu Kokki]]” and many more, even rival the popular “[[Thought Ruler Archfiend]]”. Also, don’t forget that the “Emissary of Darkness Token” that comes along with “[[Gorz the Emissary of Darkness|Gorz]]” is potentially even more powerful than he is, allowing you to turn the tide of a Battle Phase, even maybe a whole duel, in no time. The big [[One Turn Kill]] moves that have recently become popular will be thwarted by summoning “[[Gorz the Emissary of Darkness|Gorz]]” when your opponent clears your field and attacks, cutting the [[OTK]] short. Even the most intimidating cards can be countered, though. The universal Counter Trap “[[Solemn Judgment]]” cannot negate “[[Gorz the Emissary of Darkness|Gorz]]’s” Special Summon, since it is the result of a monster effect. The summon cannot be negated by the popular “[[Royal Oppression]]” due to the fact that Gorz's Effect activates during the damage step and “[[Royal Oppression]]” can not be activated at that time.“[[Gorz the Emissary of Darkness|Gorz]]” can only be negated by “[[Divine Wrath]]” due to the fact that it stops the effect that would summon him to the field. “[[Gorz the Emissary of Darkness|Gorz]]” is much weaker once he has hit the field. Even though his ATK stats are high enough, he is still easily removed by card effects. His summon can also be prevented by out-witting the opponent, by attacking with all but the monster with the highest ATK. The opponent, waiting on the last attack to summon “[[Gorz the Emissary of Darkness|Gorz]]”, will find his options limited, and time running short. One thing is for sure though, a direct attack on a clear field has never been harder!  +
Featured Card/Hazy Flame Basiltrice +What do you get when you mix a [[wikipedia:Cockatrice|Cockatrice]] with a [[wikipedia:Basilisk|Basilisk]], and then add in a pinch of Yu-Gi-Oh flare? You get the one and only "[[Hazy Flame Basiltrice]]", a monster that immediately strikes fear into your opponent, mostly because it turns their best monster into thin air. Let's take a close-up look at "Hazy Flame Basiltrice". First and foremost, we immediately see that "Basiltrice" needs to be made with at least 2 Level 6 FIRE Attribute monsters, and while those requirements might look steep, they're easily met if "Basiltrice" is used with the right Deck. "Basiltrice" actually has four different effects, and accumulates them based on the number of Xyz Materials that are currently attached to it. The [[Ignition Effect]] of "[[Hazy Flame Basiltrice]]" can be activated as long as you have at least 1 Xyz Material attached to it; just detach 1 Xyz Material from "Basiltrice" and banish any monster on your opponent's field ''or'' Graveyard. That's a ridiculously powerful effect, and makes "Basiltrice" an amazing problem solver for really tough monsters. If you manage to have 3, 4, or 5 Xyz Materials, "Basiltrice" will just become better. Obviously, "[[Hazy Flame Basiltrice]]" fits in perfectly with the "[[Hazy Flame]]" archetype, and a single successful resolution of a "[[Hazy Flame Peryton]]" or "[[Hazy Flame Sphynx]]" will usually end up with you making "Basiltrice". Usually, Summoning a "[[Hazy Flame Sphynx]]" and another "Hazy Flame" off of 1 "Peryton" makes it possible to summon a "Basiltrice" with at least 3 Xyz Materials. Even though "Basiltrice" fits in perfectly with "Hazy Flame", it's also possible to make "Basiltrice" in some existing "[[Evolsaur|Evol]]" builds. "[[Evoltile Najasho]]" and "[[Evo-Force]]" make it easy to summon two copies of "[[Evolsaur Terias]]", "[[Evolsaur Darwino]]", or "[[Evolsaur Elias]]". Heck, even "[[Goka, the Pyre of Malice]]" or "[[B.E.S. Big Core MK-2]]" can be paired up with a "[[Flamvell Uruquizas]]" or "[[Lavalval Dragon]]" to summon "Basiltrice". Even though "[[Hazy Flame Basiltrice]]" seems difficult to Summon, it's a Rank 6 Xyz Monster that acts as a powerful problem-solver, and that alone is reason enough to find a way to summon it.  +
Featured Card/Hero Time +Today, for the first time ever, we'll be taking a look at 3 cards instead of just one. We'll take a look at the powerful combos of "[[Elemental Hero Neos Alius]]", "[[Gemini Spark]]" and "[[Hero Blast]]". In a time where [[Yusei Fudo|Yusei's]] style of play is popular, Angel Flores used [[Jaden Yuki|Jaden's]] style of Hero play to rise up and overcome some of the top Decks in today's meta. First we have "Elemental Hero Neos Alius". "Neos Alius" has a powerful 1900 [[ATK]], which means he's capable of beating almost any monster your opponent [[Normal Summon]]s or [[Flip Summon]]s, like "[[Super-Nimble Mega Hamster]]", "[[Blackwing - Shura the Blue Flame]]" or even go toe-to-toe with "[[XX-Saber Boggart Knight]]". It also helps that he's [[Level]] 4, so he easily summoned. His [[LIGHT]] [[Attribute]] is another thing he has going for him. If he battles a more powerful monster, he can tap into the powers of justice and you can use "[[Honest]]" to give him a power boost large enough to handle even the biggest monsters your opponent can send your way! Being a [[Warrior]]-[[Type]] means that he can be searched out through fellow "[[Elemental Hero]]", "[[Elemental Hero Stratos]]", "[[Reinforcement of the Army]]" or "[[E - Emergency Call]]". And his [[Gemini]] status is another thing will help him. Next we have "Gemini Spark". "Gemini Spark" is a powerful card that can get around the commonly played "[[Trap Stun]]", and in a pinch during your turn, it can be played from the hand. To activate it, you need to tribute a Gemini monster, which your "Elemental Hero Neos Alius" is, and target a card your opponent controls. Then, you destroy that card, and you draw a new one! This can help you get rid of monsters that can't be destroyed through battle, like "[[Colossal Fighter]]" or "[[Spirit Reaper]]", or destroy a powerful [[Set]] card, like "[[Mirror Force]]" or "[[Torrential Tribute]]". Having your "Neos Alius" in the [[Graveyard]] might not seem like a good thing, but our next card changes that. Finally, we have "Hero Blast". "Hero Blast" has you target a Normal "Elemental Hero" monster in your Graveyard, which "Neos Alius" is since it's a Gemini monster. Then, you add it to your hand and destroy one monster your opponent controls. That means that you get a monster back, and destroy one of your opponent's at the same time! You can destroy cards like "[[XX-Saber Emmersblade]]" or "[[Gladiator Beast Hoplomus]]" to prevent them from getting their effects. "Hero Blast", being a [[Normal Trap Card]], can be negated by the popular "Trap Stun", but that doesn't mean you can't use it during your turn. With this, you can even [[Chain]] it to your opponent's cards and launch a surprise attack. Never count a Hero out. These are some powerful combinations of cards that don't look very powerful on their own, but Heroes often have strength in numbers. You can also use cards like "[[Upstart Goblin]]", "[[Pot of Duality]]" and "[[Gold Sarcophagus]]" to get to these powerful cards faster. Getting these cards to your hand will give you more control over the Duel, and more power for your opponent to have to deal with. Hero Duelists unite!  +
Featured Card/Inzektor Hornet +The reigning Top 3 decks of this format each have their devastating plays that has allowed them to seize power in the [[March 2012 Lists|March 2012]] games. We've talked about "[[Rescue Rabbit]]" and we've told you about "[[Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity]]". Now, let me introduce you to the final members of this triad - [[Inzektor]]s, and more specifically their star player, "'''[[Inzektor Hornet]]'''"! Inzektors as a Deck are very combo-orientated, relying on three specific cards to get their plays going to start raking in the card advantage. "[[Inzektor Dragonfly]]" and "[[Inzektor Centipede]]" are the crutches to fully utilizing the destructive power of "Inzektor Hornet"! Together with several support cards, these cards are capable of tearing down entire fields in a single turn and then [[OTK]]ing mercilessly. But how do they do it? Firstly, let's take a look at "Hornet"'s effects. "Inzektor Hornet" is a Level 3 [[DARK]] Insect-Type monster. Once per turn, it allows you to attach another "Inzektor" monster from your hand or Graveyard straight to it, and when it becomes attached to its Insect brethren, it boosts their ATK/DEF and Level! But its true powers come into play with its last and most ruthless effect - when "Inzektor Hornet" is equipped, by sending it to the Graveyard, you can destroy 1 card on the field. A pretty useful effect, but it gets better. Both "Inzektor Dragonfly" and "Inzektor Centipede" are also capable of attaching their Insect-Type family members to themselves. When combined with "Hornet", they unleash the combo that has secured the Inzektors' place in the high tiers. When "Hornet" is sent to the Graveyard while attached to "Inzektor Dragonfly", not only do you get to destroy 1 card, but "Dragonfly"'s effect allows you to Special Summon another "Inzektor" monster from your Deck straight to the field. By summoning "Inzektor Centipede", you can reattach "Hornet" and then send it back to the Graveyard to immediately destroy another card! "Centipede" then allows you to search for a 2nd "Inzektor Dragonfly" and add it to your hand to use the turn after, allowing you to loop the combo several times. Due to the nature of the combo, this deck relies heavily on draw power, as well as cards that send "Inzektor Hornet" to the Graveyard. Being DARK, Inzektors have access to "[[Allure of Darkness]]" for draw power and "[[Armageddon Knight]]" for dumping. Other options include the ever-popular "[[Pot of Duality]]" and "[[Foolish Burial]]". "[[Inzektor Giga-Mantis]]" is used to make an OTK situation easier to accomplish, while boosting the ATK of your "Inzektor" to a respectable 2400. With the main "Inzektor" monsters being Level 3, they are also able to create the most popular [[Xyz Monster]]s, including "[[Number 17: Leviathan Dragon]]" and "[[Number 20: Giga-Brilliant]]", while the Level-changing effects of "Hornet" can be used to create rare but powerful Rank 6 monsters like "[[Photon Strike Bounzer]]". With "Inzektor Hornet" paving the way, this deck finishes off the opponent with big beaters, including "[[Dark Armed Dragon]]" and "[[Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning]]". With their ability to bounce back from the infamous [[Wind-Up]] loop, and forcing "[[Evolzar Laggia]]"'s hand, little is left to wonder why this deck has gained a strong foothold in both the ''[[OCG]]'' and ''[[TCG]]''. Make no mistake - left unprepared, Inzektors can and will decimate even the top of the top tier.  +
Featured Card/Jinzo +"'''[[Jinzo]]'''" is an early card dating back to [[Pharaoh's Servant]]. Since then the machine has always been a hot favorite among players of all levels. Being one of the first high [[Level]] [[Monster Cards|monsters]] to sport both a decent [[ATK]] and [[Effect Monsters|effect]] earned "[[Jinzo]]" a spot on the [[Limited]] List, where he remained until [[September 2007 Lists|September 2007]], when he was relegated to [[Semi-Limited|semi-limited]]. Shutting down [[Trap Cards]] is useful as "[[Jinzo]]" and other monsters the player may have could [[attack]] fearless of the opponent's [[Spell & Trap Card Zones|back line]], while also letting "[[Jinzo]]" dodge "[[Bottomless Trap Hole]]" and "[[Torrential Tribute]]", something his "[[Monarch]]" rivals couldn't do. However, he could also [[negate]] the negative effects of the [[controller|controller's]] own cards such as "[[Call of the Haunted]]". Despite this some players came to simply consider "[[Jinzo]]" a minus one in [[Card Advantage]], due to its associated [[Tribute Summon|tribute]] making it less [[splashable]] and often outshone by the "[[Monarch]]s", who could could remove opposing cards to make up for their [[Tribute Summon|tribute]]. However "[[Jinzo]]" was not deemed ''unplayable'' as its [[Dark]] [[Attribute]] and [[Machine]]-[[type]], made "[[Jinzo]]" very popular in [[Chaos Deck|Chaos]] and [[Chimeratech OTK|Chimeratech]] based Decks, particularly when backed with "[[Return from the Different Dimension]]". Although his more powerful Deck types have been weakened with the [[Forbidden|forbidding]] and [[Limited|limiting]] of key cards, "[[Jinzo]]" hasn't lost any spotlight and may very well prove deadly in pairs.  +

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