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The 13th Grave (BAM) +The Wandering Doomed (BAM)  +, Yaranzo (BAM)  +
Abyss Flower (BAM) +Yashinoki (BAM)  +
Acid Rain (BAM) +Weather Control (BAM)  +, Ill Witch (BAM)  +
Akakieisu (BAM) +Dream Clown (BAM)  +, Ookazi (BAM)  +
Armored Rat (BAM) +Prevent Rat (BAM)  +, Steel Shell (BAM)  +
Armored Starfish (BAM) +Laughing Flower (BAM)  +, Mushroom Man 2 (BAM)  +
Armored Zombie (BAM) +The Wandering Doomed (BAM)  +, Fire Reaper (BAM)  +
Axe Raider (BAM) +Tiger Axe (BAM)  +, Soul Tiger (BAM)  +
B. Dragon Jungle King (BAM) +Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts (BAM)  +, Dragon Treasure (BAM)  +
Barrel Rock (BAM) +Rock Spirit (BAM)  +, Barrel Lily (BAM)  +
Beast Fangs (BAM) +Blue Medicine (BAM)  +, Kunai with Chain (BAM)  +
Beastking of the Swamps (BAM) +Jirai Gumo (BAM)  +, Judge Man (BAM)  +
Beautiful Headhuntress (BAM) +Beaver Warrior (BAM)  +
Bio Plant (BAM) +Dark Shade (BAM)  +
Bolt Penguin (BAM) +Penguin Soldier (BAM)  +
Brave Scizzar (BAM) +Bat (BAM)  +
Castle Walls (BAM) +Kunai with Chain (BAM)  +, Sword of Dark Destruction (BAM)  +
Catapult Turtle (BAM) +Monsturtle (BAM)  +, Turu-Purun (BAM)  +
Celtic Guardian (BAM) +Mountain Warrior (BAM)  +, Legendary Sword (BAM)  +
The Cheerful Coffin (BAM) +Fissure (BAM)  +, Goblin's Secret Remedy (BAM)  +
Cranium Fish (BAM) +7 Colored Fish (BAM)  +, Doctor Cranium (BAM)  +
Crawling Dragon 2 (BAM) +Crawling Dragon (BAM)  +, Uraby (BAM)  +
Curse of Darkness (BAM) +Curse of Dragon (BAM)  +, Call of Darkness (BAM)  +
Cyber Commander (BAM) +Machine Conversion Factory (BAM)  +, Gate Deeg (BAM)  +
Cyber Soldier (BAM) +Mechanicalchaser (BAM)  +, Cyber Soldier of Darkworld (BAM)  +

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