This property lists the cards that correspond to Duel Monster Spirits.

This property uses Page values.

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Abare Ushioni (character) +Abare Ushioni  +
Absorbing Kid from the Sky (character) +Absorbing Kid from the Sky  +
Abyss (character) +Number 73: Abyss Splash (anime)  +, Number C73: Abyss Supra Splash (anime)  +
Abyss Soldier (character) +Abyss Soldier  +
Acrobat Monkey (character) +Acrobat Monkey  +
Adhesive Explosive (character) +Adhesive Explosive  +
Aegis of Gaia (character) +Aegis of Gaia  +
Airknight Parshath (character) +Airknight Parshath  +
Alien Hypno (character) +Alien Hypno  +
Alien Infiltrator (character) +Alien Infiltrator  +
Alien Kid (character) +Alien Kid  +
Alien Mars (character) +Alien Mars  +
Alien Overlord (character) +Alien Overlord  +
Alien Psychic (character) +Alien Psychic  +
Alien Shocktrooper (character) +Alien Shocktrooper  +
Allure Queen LV5 (character) +Allure Queen LV5  +
Allure Queen LV7 (character) +Allure Queen LV7  +
Ally of Justice Cyclone Creator (character) +Ally of Justice Cyclone Creator  +
Ally of Justice Decisive Armor (character) +Ally of Justice Decisive Armor  +
Ally of Justice Garadholg (character) +Ally of Justice Garadholg  +
Ally of Justice Searcher (character) +Ally of Justice Searcher  +
Amazoness Blowpiper (character) +Amazoness Blowpiper  +
Amazoness Chain Master (character) +Amazoness Chain Master  +
Amazoness Paladin (character) +Amazoness Paladin  +
Amazoness Queen (character) +Amazoness Queen  +

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