This property lists the set number of Bandai cards. It uses string values and adds hidden zero padding to numeric values.

Pages using the property "Bandai number (string)"

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Aphrodite +<span style="display: none;">0</span>22  +
Armored Basic Insect with Laser Cannon +<span style="display: none;">0</span>17  +
Armored Lizard (Bandai) +<span style="display: none;">0</span>73  +
Armored Zombie (Bandai) +<span style="display: none;">0</span>80  +
Axe Raider (Bandai) +<span style="display: none;">0</span>60  +
B. Skull Dragon (Bandai) +<span style="display: none;">0</span>49  +
Baby Dragon (Bandai) +<span style="display: none;">0</span>28  +
Barox (Bandai) +<span style="display: none;">0</span>76  +
Basic Insect (Bandai) +<span style="display: none;">0</span>16  +
Battle Ox (Bandai) +<span style="display: none;">0</span>61  +
Battle Steer (Bandai) +<span style="display: none;">0</span>74  +
Battle Warrior (Bandai) +<span style="display: none;">0</span>79  +
Beaver Warrior (Bandai) +<span style="display: none;">0</span>34  +
Blackland Fire Dragon (Bandai) +<span style="display: none;">0</span>24  +
Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Bandai) +<span style="display: none;">0</span><span style="display: none;">0</span>9  +
Blue-Eyes White Dragon (English Bandai) +118  +
Blue-Eyes White Dragon's 3-Body Connection +TA2  +
Blue-Eyes White Dragon's 3-Body Connection (4-card version) +114  +, 115  +, 116  +,
Catapult Turtle (Bandai) +<span style="display: none;">0</span>56  +
Celtic Guardian (Bandai) +<span style="display: none;">0</span>27  +
Chimera +106  +
Clown Zombie (Bandai) +<span style="display: none;">0</span>83  +
Crawling Dragon 2 (Bandai) +<span style="display: none;">0</span>67  +
Curse of Dragon (Bandai) +<span style="display: none;">0</span>12  +
Cyber Shield (Bandai) +<span style="display: none;">0</span>52  +

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