This string property is used on "Card Artworks" pages to list reasons why a card had its artwork edited.

Allowed values

The following values may be used. Some of the items which may be changed in such cases are listed.

  • religion: Halos, horns resemblances to Gods, religious symbols, religious ceremonies.
  • sex: Sexual references, exposure of genitalia or excessive skin, objects which resemble genitalia.
  • text: Japanese text.
  • violence: Gore, violence, references to death.
  • war: Weapons, references to war.

Pages using the property "Artwork edit reason"

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7 Completed +text  +
A Deal with Dark Ruler +religion  +
Absorbing Kid from the Sky +religion  +
Allure Queen LV7 +sex  +
Amazon of the Seas +sex  +
Amazoness Queen +sex  +
Amazoness Spellcaster +religion  +
Ancient Gear Cannon +war  +
Ancient Gear Castle +war  +
Backup Warrior +war  +
Barrel Dragon +war  +
Cyber Angel Idaten +sex  +
Dark Witch +sex  +, religion  +
Graceful Tear +religion  +
Share the Pain +violence  +
Worm Rakuyeh +sex  +

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