This text property documents cards which are related to archetypes or series. Members of archetypes and series are listed at Property:Archseries, cards which support archetypes are listed at Property:Archetype support, and cards which anti-support archetypes are listed at Property:Archetype anti-support.

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"A" Cell Breeding Device +Alien  +
"A" Cell Incubator +Alien  +
Abyss Stage - Treasure Boat of the Lucky Seven +Abyss Actor  +
Abyss-strom +Umi (series)  +
Acceleration Zone (anime) +Speed World (series)  +
Acidic Downpour +Attribute Field  +
Acidic Downpour (Action Field) +Attribute Field  +
Adamantine Sword Revival +Gem Dragon  +
Aerial Recharge +Phantom Beast  +
Aero Nail +Harpie  +
Aether, the Empowering Dragon +Summoner  +
Air Fortress Ziggurat +Toy  +
Air Marmot of Nefariousness (anime) +Charmer  +
Airknight Parshath +Dark counterpart  +
Alchemic Kettle - Chaos Distill +Alchemy Beast  +
Alchemical Experiment +Kuriboh (archetype)  +, LV  +, Winged Kuriboh (archetype)  +
Aleister the Invoker +Invoked  +
Alice the Wandering Doll +Doll Part  +
Allegro Toile +Cyber Girl  +
Alli-Soldier +Alligator  +
Ally Mind +Ally of Justice  +, Worm  +
Ally Salvo +Ally of Justice  +
Ally Salvo (anime) +Ally of Justice  +
Ally of Justice Catastor +lswarm  +, Nekroz  +
Ally of Justice Catastor (D Team) +lswarm  +

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