This property lists the Alignment of a monster. It contains a pipe link, which links to the Alignment's page and displays the name of the Alignment used in the game in question.

This property uses string values.

Pages using the property "Alignment (local)"

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The 13th Grave (DM2) +[[Demon Magic (Alignment)|Fiend]]  +
7 Colored Fish (DM2) +[[Water (Alignment)|Water]]  +
Abyss Flower (DM2) +[[Forest (Alignment)|Forest]]  +
Acid Crawler (DM2) +[[Forest (Alignment)|Forest]]  +
Air Marmot of Nefa (DM2) +[[Demon Magic (Alignment)|Fiend]]  +
Akakieisu (DM2) +[[Black Magic (Alignment)|Shadow]]  +
Akihiron (DM2) +[[Water (Alignment)|Water]]  +
Alinsection (DM2) +[[Forest (Alignment)|Forest]]  +
All-seeing Goddess (DM2) +[[White Magic (Alignment)|Light]]  +
Amazon of the Seas (DM2) +[[Water (Alignment)|Water]]  +
Ameba (DM2) +[[Water (Alignment)|Water]]  +
Amphibious Bugroth (DM2) +[[Water (Alignment)|Water]]  +
Ancient Brain (DM2) +[[Black Magic (Alignment)|Shadow]]  +
Ancient Elf (DM2) +[[White Magic (Alignment)|Light]]  +
Ancient Jar (DM2) +[[Earth (Alignment)|Earth]]  +
Ancient Sorcerer (DM2) +[[Black Magic (Alignment)|Shadow]]  +
Ancient Tool (DM2) +[[Demon Magic (Alignment)|Fiend]]  +
Ancient Tree of En (DM2) +[[Forest (Alignment)|Forest]]  +
Ancient W.Turtle (DM2) +[[Water (Alignment)|Water]]  +
Angelwitch (DM2) +[[Black Magic (Alignment)|Shadow]]  +
Ansatsu (DM2) +[[Black Magic (Alignment)|Shadow]]  +
Anthrosaurus (DM2) +[[Earth (Alignment)|Earth]]  +
Aqua Dragon (DM2) +[[Water (Alignment)|Water]]  +
Aqua Madoor (DM2) +[[Water (Alignment)|Water]]  +
Aqua Snake (DM2) +[[Water (Alignment)|Water]]  +

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