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Armorsaurus +It curls up its body to ram <br />distant enemies.  +
Beeton +It curls up to protect itself, <br />raising its Defense for a while.  +
Big Foot +By putting all of its power <br />into a single punch, <br />It attacks the enemy  +
Blue-Eyes White Dragon (MCBB) +It attacks by swallowing enemies up in<br /> a pillar of fire, no matter how far away.  +
Brain Slime (MCBB) +By foreseeing an attack, it may<br /> counterattack before it's even<br /> attacked.  +
Chick Bomb +Self-Destruct deals major damage to enemies<br />around, and reduces its own health to 1.  +
Cobrada +It notices enemy attacks early, <br />allowing it to sometimes counterattack.  +
Crab King +He attacks the opponent with a strange, suspicious dance,<br />but it can't be used unless he's standing on top of some water.  +
Dinosaur Wing (MCBB) +It breathes flames far and wide,<br /> damaging everything within its range.  +
Eye Mouth +Using its keen powers of detection, <br /> it finds special masses on the field.  +
Eyeronoid (MCBB) +He attacks the enemy,<br />by charging at them with his sharp horn.  +
Fiddler Crab King +It places the enemy on a geyser, launching them somewhere else.  +
Flower Man +It teleports itself to its favorite places.  +
The Great "Pa" +Takes an enemy attack with his <br /> shield.  +
Gumbo +Knocks the enemy back with a powerful punch.  +
Hampton +By wearing the shell, it can raise<br />defense strength.  +
Hanya-chan +Loses direction and may not follow<br />the orders you give it.  +
Hapippy +By creating a tornado, it turns <br />the surrounding area into a pool for a while.  +
Hatenan +There's no telling what'll happen.  +
Head Sucker +It bites with its huge jaws,<br /> sometimes killing the enemy in a single blow.  +
Hunter Whale +Heal ally HP by<br />100%.  +
Hyper Beetle +It nose-dives at far-away enemies<br /> with its horn.  +
Hyper Scissors +He attacks a neighboring enemy by grabbing<br /> and lifting them up with his scissors, <br /> swapping places with them.  +
Joey Wheeler (Bandai) +This card is defeated in battle, but the next card you play will have 500 additional points of [[ATK|Attack]] and [[DEF|Defense]].  +
Luckicky +When attacked, it may fight<br />back.  +

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