• This penalty is only to be used at local-level events. It does not apply at Regional Qualifiers, SHONEN JUMP Championships, and other premier-level events, with the exception of the Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship.
  • The intent of the “Caution” is to educate newer players, and may be given for initial infractions, before giving a “Warning” penalty. The player should receive an explanation of the problem, the problem should be fixed, but there is no need to record the penalty on the Match Result Slip.
  • Judges should exchange information among themselves on “Cautions” they have issued. This should be done to keep track of the number and type of Cautions each player has received over the course of the event, both to better educate the player or upgrade the penalty if needed.
  • This penalty is appropriate for minor infractions where the problem can be easily corrected.
  • Both players forget to resolve a Mandatory Effect, and the game state is repairable by a judge. Since both players are responsible, they each receive a Warning.
  • A player attempts to Summon a monster while an effect prohibits him from doing so.
  • A player accidentally shuffles his/her Graveyard.
  • This penalty is appropriate for major infractions that cause an irreversible disruption to the current game. The game is beyond repair, so the penalty must be significant.
  • A player shuffles his hand into his Deck by accident.
  • A player forgets to pay a maintenance cost and doesn’t catch it until a few turns later, when she has gained a significant advantage.
  • This penalty is appropriate for strict infractions that cause a player to be unable to finish the current match.
  • A player spills water on his/her Deck, damaging the cards and making it impossible to finish the current match.
  • Player loses his Deck in between matches and does not notify the scorekeeper until after the round has already been paired.

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