Premium Pack 6 is Premium Pack in the OCG. This pack was released twice, the first release in November and December 2003 being a pre-release only, and did not contain Secret Rares. The second release was a retail release on March 11, 2004.

All cards in this pack have been released in the TCG, first included in the North American release of Premium Pack 1.


Each pack contained the complete set of six Ultra Rares, with Secret Rares randomly inserted in approx 1:10 packs. Although there are only six unique cards in the set to collect, many collectors consider Ultra Rare and Secret Rare versions as different cards, giving the Master Set twice that number.

The set includes 6 cards, 12 in the Master Set. This is comprised of:



Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Category
PP6-001 Marshmallon マシュマロン Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
PP6-002 Marshmallon Glasses マシュマロンのメガネ Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Continuous Spell Card
PP6-003 Shield Crush シールドクラッシュ Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Normal Spell Card
PP6-004 Gemini Imps ヂェミナイ・デビル Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
PP6-005 Return Zombie リターン・ゾンビ Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
PP6-006 Legacy of Yata-Garasu 八汰烏ヤタガラスむくろ Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Normal Trap Card

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