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Dark Ceremony Edition, while not a Premium Pack, was released on tournament occasions, like the others. It expanded upon the pre-existing Premium Pack 2. This pack contained six cards per pack; three Ritual Monsters and three related Ritual Spell Cards.


The set includes 16 cards. This is comprised of:



English name Japanese name Rarity Category
Black Luster Soldier カオス・ソルジャー Super Rare Ritual Monster
Black Luster Ritual カオスのしき Super Rare Ritual Spell Card
Fiend's Mirror デビルズ・ミラー Super Rare Ritual Monster
Beastly Mirror Ritual あくかがみしき Super Rare Ritual Spell Card
Super War-Lion スーパー・ウォー・ライオン Super Rare Ritual Monster
War-Lion Ritual ライオンのしき Super Rare Ritual Spell Card
Zera the Mant ゼラ Super Rare Ritual Monster
Zera Ritual ゼラのしき Super Rare Ritual Spell Card
Javelin Beetle ジャベリンビートル Super Rare Ritual Monster
Javelin Beetle Pact ジャベリンビートルのけいやく Super Rare Ritual Spell Card
Chakra チャクラ Super Rare Ritual Monster
Resurrection of Chakra チャクラのふっかつ Super Rare Ritual Spell Card
Fortress Whale ようさいクジラ Super Rare Ritual Monster
Fortress Whale's Oath ようさいクジラのちか Super Rare Ritual Spell Card
Skull Guardian ローガーディアン Super Rare Ritual Monster
Novox's Prayer ローのいの Super Rare Ritual Spell Card

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