Premium Pack 11 is a Premium Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG). It is the eleventh set in the OCG, following Premium Pack 10. It is followed by Premium Pack 12.


A lot of the latest cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX manga. Contains cards used by Jaden Yuki, Syrus Truesdale, Bastion Misawa, Reggie MacKenzie and Seika Kohinata. Provides support and new members for the "Elemental HERO" and "Roid" archetypes.


In the OCG, there are 5 cards per pack. There are 8 cards in total.



Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Category
PP11-JP001 Elemental Hero Voltic E・HEROエレメンタルヒーロー ボルテック Secret Rare Effect Monster
PP11-JP002 Shuttleroid シャトルロイド Secret Rare Effect Monster
PP11-JP003 Carrierroid ネイビィロイド Secret Rare Effect Monster
PP11-JP004 Mezuki Secret Rare Effect Monster
PP11-JP005 Evil Dragon Ananta じゃりゅうアナンタ Secret Rare Effect Monster
PP11-JP006 Athena アテナ Secret Rare Effect Monster
PP11-JP007 Hecatrice ヘカテリス Secret Rare Effect Monster
PP11-JP008 Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen かみきょじょう-ヴァルハラ Secret Rare Continuous Spell Card

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