"Power of Unity!!" (結束けっそくちから!!, Kessoku no Chikara) is a Duel Puzzle in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 5 EX 1.


The player has 800 Life Points. Their hand contains "Dancing Elf", "Dragon Piper", "Skull Servant", "Curse of Dragon", "Muka Muka" and "Pot of Greed" and their field contains "Garoozis" in Attack Position.

The opponent has 2300 Life Points and "Gemini Elf" in Attack Positoon.

The player is told: "The opponent has a "Gemini Elf" out. To defeat it you need the "Curse of Dragon". How do you do this?".


  1. Activate "Pot of Greed".
  2. Normal Summon "Muka Muka".
  3. Enter the Battle Phase.
  4. Attack "Gemini Elf" with "Muka Muka".
  5. Attack directly with "Garoozis".

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