Welcome to the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX manga portal. This page contains information and news on the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX manga.

The manga is based on the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime. It uses some characters and settings from the anime, but uses them in a new storyline and gives the characters different cards. Events that take place in the manga are not considered canon to the anime and vice-versa.


  1. A New Hero!!
  2. Princeton!!
  3. The Legendary Dragon
  4. Bastion the Analyst!!
  5. Terra Firma Gravity
  6. Miss Duel Academy
  7. The Real Duelist!!
  8. Two Big Brothers!!
  9. Best Friends!!
  10. A Meeting with Destiny!!
  11. Deck of Fate!!
  12. Duelist Instinct!!
  13. Showdown! Who Will Win?
  14. The Deck Passed!!
  15. Separation...and Determination!!
  16. A New Enemy?!
  17. Bastion vs. Chazz!!
  18. Mysterious Monster!!
  19. The First Round Ends!!
  20. Let the Tournament Begin!!
  21. Enemies on the Move!!
  22. Shadow Game...!!
  23. Conclusion!!... But Then What?!
  24. Alexis vs. David!!
  25. Chazz vs. Syrus!!
  26. Brother's Bond!!
  27. The Semifinals Begin!!
  28. Fusion Summon!!
  29. Shadow Game!!
  30. Light vs. Dark!!
  31. Darkness on the Move!!
  32. Jaden VS. Chazz!!
  33. Ultimate Hero!!
  34. The Final Round...!!
  35. The Winner! What's Next...?!
  36. Angel of Darkness!!
  37. The Shadow Game Ends!!
  38. The Final Duel Begins!!
  39. Kaiser!!
  40. Mac's Story!!
  41. The Shadow Game Speeds Up!!
  42. The End of the Battle...?!
  43. A New Enemy...?!
  44. King Rhodie!!
  45. King Atticus's True Power!!
  46. Tag Duel!!
  47. Birth of the Ultimate Tag!!
  48. The Outcome of the Tag Duel!!
  49. Syrus's Real Strength!!
  50. Aster Phoenix!!
  51. Masked Hero vs. Vision Hero!!
  52. Aster Duels Again...!
  53. The Menace of the Vision Heroes!
  54. Looming... Darkness!
  55. The Terror of the Forbidden Beasts!!
  56. The Mystery of the Planet Series!!
  57. The Exchange Battle Heats Up!!
  58. MacKenzie's Stealth Maneuvers!!
  59. Jaden in Crisis!!
  60. The Impending Resurrection!!
  61. The Final Showdown!!
  62. The Ultimate Planet Series!!
  63. The Threat of the Sun!!
  64. Beyond the Struggle...
  65. Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Chapter SP1



Judai Yuki

Jun Manjome

Asuka Tenjoin

Sho Marufuji

Daichi Misawa

Duel Academy

Principal Samejima

Cronos de Medici

Emi Ayukawa

Ryo Marufuji

Fubuki Tenjoin


Momoe Hamaguchi

Junko Makurada

American Duel Academy

Amon Garam

Johan Andersen

Austin O'Brien

Edo Phoenix

Duel Monster Spirits


Mr. O'Brien

Shido Garam