Welcome to the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's manga portal. This page contains information and news on the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's manga.

The manga is based on the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime. It uses some characters and settings from the anime, but uses them in a new storyline and gives the characters different cards. Events that take place in the manga are not considered canon to the anime and vice-versa.


Chapter 66: Ruler of the Ritual!!
5D's Ride 66
The grueling Duel between Yusei and Rex reaches its end. As the winner of the Festival of Duality, Yusei is granted a wish by a mysterious voice.


... further results
  1. Riding Duelist, Yusei!!
  2. Dark Feel!!
  3. Lord of the Underworld!!
  4. The Settlement with the Darkness
  5. King!!
  6. "Shackle"…!
  7. Queen of Queen
  8. One-Shot Run
  9. Start!! D1GP!!
  10. Clashing Pride!!
  11. Feel VS Feel!!
  12. Psychic Duelists!!
  13. Psycho VS Psycho
  14. Rivals!!
  15. Secret Maneuvers...!!
  16. Flight!!
  17. Fomenting...!!
  18. The Handless Combo!!
  19. Trump Card...
  20. The Card of Darkness!!
  21. Separation...!!
  22. Duel Dragons!!
  23. Twin Duelists!!
  24. Equip Vs. Equip
  25. Coinciding Feel...!!
  26. Premonition of a Fierce Fight...!!
  27. Synchro VS Synchro!!
  28. Resonance...!!
  29. Super-Fast Showdown!!
  30. The Ancient Diak!!
  31. Jewel Flare Dragon Stardust!!
  32. Zero Battle!!
  33. Duel Dragon VS Duel Dragon!!
  34. Resolution...!!
  35. Fierce Fight!! The Duel Zodiacs!!
  36. Rematch!!
  37. Someone to Protect!!
  38. The Final Chapter Struggle!!
  39. To the Duel Gate!!
  40. The Festival of Duality!!
  41. Duel Sister!!
  42. Fly-Lord Sect!!
  43. Existing as a Shadow!!
  44. Synchro Killer!!
  45. The Way Towards Supreme King of the Heavenly Lock!!
  46. Father Against Son!!
  47. Sprint! The Southern-Sky Corridor!!
  48. The Tides of Battle!!
  49. Raging Stream! The Northern-Sky Corridor!!
  50. Last Draw of Destiny!!
  51. ... further results



Aki Izayoi



Lua / Rua

Luca / Ruka

Kyosuke Kiryu

Mikage Sagiri

D1 Grand Prix

Mukuro Enjo

Tetsu Ushio


Jin Himuro


Adokf Müller

Kodo Kinomiya


Carly Nagisa

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