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Poker Knight
Poker Knight
"King's Knight", "Jack's Knight" and "Queen's Knight".


Anime appearances

Manga appearances

Poker Knight monsters are LIGHT-Attribute,Warrior-Type monsters that were used by Yugi Muto and Roku in the anime.

There are four members released in the TCG/OCG: "King's Knight", "Queen's Knight", "Jack's Knight" and a Fusion Monster, "Arcana Knight Joker". There is also an anime-only card, "Royal Straight Slasher".

Poker Knight Card Origin
King's Knight King
Queen's Knight Queen
Jack's Knight Jack
Arcana Knight Joker Joker
Royal Straight Slasher / Royal Straight Royal Straight Flush


  • In the manga, "Queen's Knight", "King's Knight", and "Jack's Knight" were referred to as the "The Three Musketeers Of Face Cards".
  • "Queen", "King", and "Jack's Knight" were also known as The Three Swordsmen possessing the maximum speed summon ability.

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