From left to right: Tengu Gadget Duelist Christopher Tracygladden; mobile play-field Chase Finley; and DARK Tengu Duelist Loukas Peterson.

Pocket Dueling is a type of duel that became popular enough at GenCon to be posted on Konami's official Yu-Gi-Oh blog. It was invented by Christopher Tracygladden, Chase Finley and Loukas Peterson in line to the Generation Force sneak peek at the convention.


The game is played by using your own bodies as the playing field. It requires three people; The two duelists involved, and one person to stand in the middle.

-The duel is played like a normal duel.

-Your Deck goes face-down in your Right Pocket Zone. Your Extra Deck goes face-up in your Right Pocket Zone.

-Your Graveyard goes in your Left Pocket Zone. Your banished cards also go in your Left Pocket Zone, facing the opposite direction of your Graveyard. Also acceptable? Cards can be banished to shirt pockets, if you have any.

-Monsters are played to the Hand Zone: each Duelist gets one Hand Zone for up to five monsters. If possible? Try and find a friend with really big hands.

-Spells and Traps that are played to the field and remain there are placed between the thumb and forefinger of the individual acting as the mobile play field. Set Spells and Traps are placed facing their controller so that the opponent can’t see them. Continuous Traps, Continuous Spells, and Field Spells are turned the opposite way when active, so that the opponent can see them.


  • [1] GenCon’s latest fad?: Pocket Dueling!

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