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A playmat or game mat is a flat material where a player can place their cards while Dueling. They often feature a card (usually a Monster Card), with many also having the official Card Zones for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. Many Yu-Gi-Oh! playmats are awarded to competitors and winners of several different events. Most mats are produced in very high numbers, but some are very exclusive and highly valuable items.

TCG Playmats


Regional Qualifiers

National Championship

European Championship

Continental Championship

World Championship Qualifier

Regional Championship
National Championship

World Championship

Shonen Jump Championship

YCS Championship

OTS Championship

Tournament Series

Hobby League

Local Legend Duelist Series (LLDS)

A multi-level tournament series aimed at competitive Duelists in regions across Europe and Oceania, this challenge offers unique mats to people who clear the events.

Ultimate Duelist Series (UDS)

A tournament series that rewards Duelists who regularly participate in Organized Play programs. Duelists who manage to earn enough UDS points can enter the Ultimate Duelist Invitational for the opportunity to prove themselves as the Ultimate Duelist.


Starter Deck

Structure Deck

Structure Deck playmats feature the cover card's artwork with the Structure Deck's name on the front. Due to the artwork, the card zones are less visible.

Starter Deck Tournament

These playmats are awarded as 1st place prizes in 8-player single elimination tournaments.[2]

Structure Deck Tournament

These playmats are awarded as 1st place prizes at select OTS (Official Tournament Stores) that host these tournaments, as well as Extravaganzas and WCQ. Selected OTS are stores that meet and exceed Konami's expectations.[3]

Yu-Gi-Oh! Day

Demo Day



Awarded to judges who judge at a YCS, Regional, WCQ, or another high-level event.

Travel Assist

Awarded to judges that incur significant travel costs for going to high-level events to judge (regardless of distance traveled).


These are awarded at Win-A-Mat tournaments.

Charity Win-A-Mat

So far, there has been only 1 Charity Win-A-Mat event, which was held at YCS Providence 2012. The proceeds of the event went towards the children of Dan Green.[8]

Beta Win-A-Mat

These are awarded at Win-A-Mat tournaments that use the Beta Format.

Gold Series 4: Pyramids Edition

Originally handed out at tournaments, these mats are more durable and are now widely available through the market of Gold Series 4: Pyramids Edition.

Sneak Peek

These mats feature the cover card monster with less visible backgrounds; they are handed out along with a promo card at Sneak Preview events.

Battle Pack

These rubber mats come with each Battle Kit. There is 1 variety for Sealed Play Battle Kit, 3 varieties for the Sealed Play Battle Kit 2, and 5 varieties for Sealed Play Battle Kit 3.

Game Board

Game Boards are included with the following, in order of release: Legendary Collection 3: Yugi's World, Legendary Collection 4: Joey's World, Legendary Collection 2: Gameboard Edition, and Legendary Collection: Gameboard Edition. They are hard-surfaced, collapsable, 2-sided boards packaged within the boxes of their respective products.

Case Topper

2-player playmats awarded as Case Toppers for stores who order a case of the newest product, themed accordingly to said product. New designs came out annually on January, until after Legacy of the Valiant was released, but renewed as of Breakers of Shadow.

Con Exclusive

Yu-Gi-Oh! Extravaganza

Top 1000 Ranked COSSY Duelists


First released on July 8, 2015, with a suggested retail price of 14.99 USD each.[9]

Duelist Kingdom


4 to 6-player playmats, mainly intended for tournament store use to cover entire tables.

Magazine Exchange

Initially awarded to stores that ordered Yu-Gi-Oh! products from Magazine Exchange in multiples of $250 USD in 1 shipment (1 mat for each multiple, with some restrictions). Now awarded through various promotions from Magazine Exchange.

Ordeal of a Traveler program


OCG Japanese Playmats

Sneak Peek

Starter Deck

Structure Deck

Structure Deck playmats feature the cover card's artwork with the Structure Deck's name on the front. Due to the artwork, the card zones are less visible.


Konami Tournament

V Jump

Jump Festa

Rubber Duel Field Present Campaign

Booster Pack Launch Event Tournament

Players who participate in these tournaments must use a Main Deck containing at least 20 cards from the newest booster pack. The winner of the tournament earns an appropriate mat, along with 1 random tournament participant. The exception was for the Duelist Alliance tournament, where an additional random tournament participant also received a mat (3 people in total).

Standard Duel Rankings

  • These mats can be earned by being among the 250 people who earn the most amount of points in 4 or more "Standard Duel" tournaments during each period, or by receiving one through a lottery (out of 50 mats for each period).


OCG Korean Playmats

Duelist Box

Duelist Card Playmat


National Championship

OTS Championship


Asia Tour Invitational

Jump Festa Invitational

Seasonal Event


OCG Asian-English Playmats

Asian Championship

Asia Championship Plus

These tournaments consist of teams of 3 players competing against other teams.

Asia Championship SP

A spiritual successor to the discontinued Asia Championship Plus tournament series, except in a single-player format.

Convention Exclusive


These playmats are awarded to judges who judge in major Asian events.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Open Tournament (YOT)


At the end of each season, Duelists with the highest number of ranking points earned from ranking tournaments will be able to participate in a Rank-Up-League tournament (Taiwan: Top 64 Duelists per season; Hong Kong / Singapore / Malaysia / Philippines: Top 32 Duelists per season).[21]


All participants in the Rank-Up-League receive these playmats.


In addition to the participant mat, the champion for each season will also receive 1 of these playmats. These playmats are identical to the participant mats, except they lack Zone indicators and the word "Champion" is added.

Top Store


Video games

In video games, "Duel Fields" serve no practical purpose and only serve as a customizable feature.

Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL World Duel Carnival

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links


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