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The field (フィールド Fīrudo) is the area where Duelists place their cards. Game Mats (or playmats) are often used as field. The field is divided into two halves, one for each player, with each half having 5 Monster Zones, 5 Spell & Trap Zones, 2 Pendulum Zones, a Field Zone, a Deck Zone, an Extra Deck Zone, and a Graveyard.

The "field" referenced by card text is the combination of each player's Monster Zones, Spell & Trap Zones, Pendulum Zones and Field Zone. Thus, the field is shared and each player controls only one side of it.

The field is also unofficially called a "Board".

Master Rule 3

  • The top left Zone is the Field Zone.
  • The top right Zone is the Graveyard.
  • The top 5 Zones in the middle are the Monster Zones.
  • The bottom left Zone is the Extra Deck Zone.
  • The bottom right Zone is the Deck Zone.
  • The bottom 5 Zones in the middle are the Spell & Trap Zones.
  • The blue-colored Zone and the red-colored Zone are the Pendulum Zones. The right Pendulum Zone is located between the Deck Zone and Graveyard Zone; the left Pendulum Zone is located between the Extra Deck Zone and the Field Zone.
  • Conceptually, there is an additional space sometimes referred to as the Banished Zone. However, it is never represented on official playmats, since it is not actually a Zone. Most video games place banished cards in a pile the right of the Graveyard.

Master Rule 4

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