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Piper Chaos Decks work by exploiting the concept of hand advantage by drawing into a lot of cards very quickly. This is usually done through a card combo consisting of "Kinka-byo" and "Mystic Piper". The Deck runs very quickly once the required cards are on the field and generally follows a long-game strategy of wearing the opponent down.

The Deck's win condition is usually either "Cyber Dragon" and "Caius the Shadow Monarch" (or "Dystopia the Despondent") beatdown/burn plays or Summoning of high Level "Chaos" monsters like "Chaos Sorcerer" and "Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning".

Playing style

Piper Chaos Decks are very passive aggressive. They seek to exploit the card combo between "Kinka-byo" and "Mystic Piper" to generate hand advantage, while at the same time continuously summoning either "Cyber Dragon" (Which has the ability to synch-out into powerful level 7-8's) or "Caius the Shadow Monarch" (Usually with the help of either Creature Swap or Battle Fader.) When those power monsters are not available the deck plays more defensively, shielding with Battle Fader or Scapegoat, then synchroing out into Catastor (Which is used to hold the opponent at bay).

Usually around middle to late game the player draws into their line-up of Chaos monsters, particularly Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning and are able to wipe the field, attack for game, or otherwise cripple the opponent to a point at which victory is assured.

"Tragoedia" is an essential monster in this Deck, considering the hand advantage this type of Deck has. In addition to a massive ATK, it is able to occasionally steal the opponent's resources, leaving them open.

Recommended Cards

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