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piercing battle damage


Piercing battle damage is battle damage dealt by a monster attacking a Defense Position monster if the defending monster's DEF is lower than the attacking monster's ATK. This type of battle damage is only dealt if granted by a card effect; otherwise, no battle damage is dealt in this situation.

Although "Piercing" is the official term, it is occasionally colloquially referred to instead as "Trample", borrowing the term from Magic: The Gathering.

Interestingly, because Equip Spell Cards that allow monsters to inflict piercing damage deal damage to the opponent of the controller of the Equip Spell Card rather than the opponent of the controller of the monster, if a player equips a card like "Fairy Meteor Crush" to an opponent's monster and the opponent attacks the player's Defense Position monster, the opponent will take battle damage instead of the player.


Player A's "Dark Driceratops" (ATK 2400) attacks Player B's Defense Position "Mystical Elf" (DEF 2000). Regardless of whether "Mystical Elf" is destroyed or not, Player B takes the difference (400 points in this case) as damage.


For cards whose effects allow themselves to inflict piercing battle damage, the following text appears on the card:

If this card attacks a Defense Position monster, inflict piercing battle damage to your opponent.

Prior to the Problem-Solving Card Text, it would be formatted as:

During battle between this attacking card and a Defense Position monster whose DEF is lower than the ATK of this card, inflict the difference as Battle Damage to your opponent.

On "Cyberdark Horn" only, prior to the Problem-Solving Card Text (when "piercing" became widely used), the following text appeared:

This card inflicts Piercing damage.


The following cards automatically have or allow Piercing in OCG and TCG:

All OCG/TCG "Piercing" cards

 Japanese nameMonster typeMonster subtypeAttributeTypeLevel/RankATKDEF
Airknight Parshath天空騎士パーシアスEffect Monster
Monster Card
Ally of Justice Thunder ArmorA・O・J サンダー・アーマーEffect Monster
Monster Card
Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon古代の機械巨竜Effect Monster
Monster Card
Ancient Gear Golem古代の機械巨人Effect Monster
Monster Card
Ancient Gear Golem - Ultimate Pound古代の機械巨人-アルティメット・パウンドMonster Card
Effect Monster
Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon古代の機械熱核竜Monster Card
Effect Monster
Aromage Bergamotアロマージ-ベルガモットMonster Card
Effect Monster
Avenging Knight Parshath神聖騎士パーシアスSynchro Monster
Monster Card
BachibachibachiバチバチバチEffect Monster
Monster Card
BitelonバイトロンEffect Monster
Monster Card
Blackwing - Bora the SpearBF-黒槍のブラストEffect Monster
Monster Card
DARKWinged Beast41700800
Blackwing Armed WingBF-アームズ・ウィングSynchro Monster
Monster Card
DARKWinged Beast623001000
Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragonブルーアイズ・カオス・MAX・ドラゴンMonster Card
Ritual Monster
Bujingi Ibis武神器—オハバリEffect Monster
Monster Card
LIGHTWinged Beast41600300
Buster Blader, the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman竜破壊の剣士-バスター・ブレイダーFusion Monster
Monster Card
Chaos Ancient Gear Giant古代の機械混沌巨人Monster Card
Fusion Monster
Chronomaly Mud Golem先史遺産マッドゴーレム-シャコウキEffect Monster
Monster Card
Cross-Sword Beetleクロスソード・ハンターEffect Monster
Monster Card
Cyber Angel Dakiniサイバー・エンジェル-荼吉尼-Monster Card
Ritual Monster
Cyber End Dragonサイバー・エンド・ドラゴンMonster Card
Fusion Monster
Cyberdark Hornサイバー・ダーク・ホーンEffect Monster
Monster Card
D/D/D Dragonbane King BeowulfDDD剋竜王ベオウルフMonster Card
Fusion Monster
Dark Driceratops暗黒ドリケラトプスEffect Monster
Monster Card
Darklord Edeh Arae堕天使エデ・アーラエMonster Card
Effect Monster
Darkness Destroyerダークネス・デストロイヤーEffect Monster
Monster Card
Deskbot 007ブンボーグ007Pendulum Monster
Monster Card
Destiny HERO - DrilldarkD-HERO ドリルガイMonster Card
Effect Monster
Digital Bug Rhinosebus電子光虫-ライノセバスMonster Card
Xyz Monster
Dinomist Rexダイナミスト・レックスPendulum Monster
Monster Card
Downerd Magicianダウナード・マジシャンMonster Card
Xyz Monster
Dragunity Angusticlaviiドラグニティ-アングスEffect Monster
Monster Card
WINDWinged Beast521001000
Drill Synchronドリル・シンクロンEffect Monster
Monster Card
Tuner monsterEARTHMachine3800300
Elemental HERO BladedgeE・HERO エッジマンMonster Card
Effect Monster
Elemental HERO DarkbrightE・HERO ダーク・ブライトマンFusion Monster
Monster Card
Elemental HERO Plasma ViceE・HERO プラズマヴァイスマンFusion Monster
Monster Card
Enraged Battle Ox激昂のミノタウルスMonster Card
Effect Monster
Evil HERO Inferno WingE-HERO インフェルノ・ウィングFusion Monster
Monster Card
Evil HERO Malicious EdgeE-HERO マリシャス・エッジEffect Monster
Monster Card
Exarion Universeイグザリオン・ユニバースMonster Card
Effect Monster
Familiar-Possessed - Aussa憑依装着-アウスEffect Monster
Monster Card
Familiar-Possessed - Dharc憑依装着-ダルクMonster Card
Effect Monster
Familiar-Possessed - Eria憑依装着-エリアEffect Monster
Monster Card
Familiar-Possessed - Hiita憑依装着-ヒータEffect Monster
Monster Card
Familiar-Possessed - Lyna憑依装着-ライナMonster Card
Effect Monster
Familiar-Possessed - Wynn憑依装着-ウィンEffect Monster
Monster Card
Flamvell Uruquizasフレムベル・ウルキサスSynchro Monster
Monster Card
Flower Cardian Boardefly花札衛-猪鹿蝶-Monster Card
Synchro Monster
FlyfangフライファングEffect Monster
Monster Card
Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger迅雷の騎士ガイアドラグーンXyz Monster
Monster Card
Gaia Soul the Combustible Collective爆炎集合体ガイヤ・ソウルMonster Card
Effect Monster
... further results
 Japanese nameProperty
Big Bang Shotビッグバン・シュートEquip Spell Card
Cyclon LaserサイクロンレーザーEquip Spell Card
Dragon's Rage竜の逆鱗Continuous Trap Card
Ebon Arrowブラック・アローNormal Trap Card
Fairy Meteor Crushメテオ・ストライクEquip Spell Card
Fire Formation - Kaiyo炎舞ー「開陽」Continuous Trap Card
H - Heated HeartH-ヒートハートNormal Spell Card
Kozmo LightswordKozmo-レイブレードEquip Spell Card
Meteorainメテオ・レインNormal Trap Card
Photon Tridentフォトン・トライデントQuick-Play Spell Card
Roaring Earth吠え猛る大地Continuous Trap Card
Scrap Fistスクラップ・フィストQuick-Play Spell Card
Sonic Boom超音速波Normal Trap Card
Spiral Crash of the Phantasmagoric Dragon幻煌龍の螺旋突Equip Spell Card
Spiral Spear Strike螺旋槍殺Continuous Spell Card
Strike Slashストライク・ショットNormal Trap Card
Super Quantal Mech Sword - Magnaslayer超量機神剣-マグナスレイヤーNormal Trap Card
Sword of Kusanagi草薙剣Equip Spell Card
Thorn of Malice憎悪の棘Equip Spell Card
Train Connection機関連結Equip Spell Card
Vylon Componentヴァイロン・コンポーネントEquip Spell Card

All Anime "Piercing" cards

 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeTypeLevel/RankATKDEF
Airknight Parshath天空騎士パーシアスEffect MonsterFairy00050000190000001400
Amazoness Empressアマゾネス女帝Fusion MonsterWarrior00080000280000002400
Ancient Gear Golem古代の機械巨人Effect MonsterMachine00080000300000003000
Ancient Gear Golem古代の機械巨人Effect MonsterMachine00080000300000003000
Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon古代の機械熱核竜Effect MonsterMachine00090000300000003000
Assault Blackwing - Kusanagi the Gathering StormA BF-叢雲のクサナギSynchro Monster???00090000300000000???
Assault Wheelアサルト・ホイールEffect MonsterMachine00040000230000000000
BachibachibachiバチバチバチEffect MonsterInsect00030000080000000800
Battlewasp - Ballista the ArmageddonB・F-決戦のビッグ・バリスタSynchro Monster???00120000300000000???
Blackwing - Bora the SpearBF-黒槍のブラストEffect MonsterWinged Beast00040000170000000800
Blackwing Armed WingBF-アームズ・ウィングSynchro MonsterWinged Beast00060000230000001000
Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragonブルーアイズ・カオス・MAX・ドラゴンRitual MonsterDragon00080000400000000000
Buster Knuckleバスターナックル・アーマーEffect MonsterArmor monsterMachine00030000000000000000
Chronomaly Mud Golem先史遺産マッドゴーレム-シャコウキEffect MonsterRock00040000170000001000
Cyber Angel Dakiniサイバー・エンジェル-荼吉尼-Ritual MonsterFairy00080000270000002400
Cyber End Dragonサイバー・エンド・ドラゴンFusion MonsterMachine00100000400000002800
Cyberdark Hornサイバー・ダーク・ホーンEffect MonsterMachine00040000080000000800
D/D/D Dragonbane King BeowulfDDD剋竜王ベオウルフFusion MonsterFiend00080000300000002500
Dark Driceratops暗黒ドリケラトプスEffect MonsterDinosaur00060000240000001500
Darkness Destroyerダークネス・デストロイヤーEffect MonsterFiend00070000230000001800
Destiny HERO - DrilldarkD-HERO ドリルガイEffect MonsterWarrior00040000160000001200
Drill Synchronドリル・シンクロンEffect MonsterTuner monsterMachine00030000080000000300
Elemental Hero BladedgeE・HERO エッジマンEffect MonsterWarrior00070000260000001800
Elemental Hero DarkbrightE・HERO ダーク・ブライトマンFusion MonsterWarrior00060000200000001000
Elemental Hero Plasma ViceE・HERO プラズマヴァイスマンFusion MonsterWarrior00080000280000002300
Enraged Battle Ox激昂のミノタウルスEffect MonsterBeast-Warrior00040000170000001000
Evil Hero Inferno WingE-HERO インフェルノ・ウィングFusion MonsterFiend00060000210000001200
Evil Hero Malicious EdgeE-HERO マリシャス・エッジEffect MonsterFiend00070000260000001800
Familiar-Possessed - Hiita憑依装着-ヒータEffect MonsterSpellcaster00040000185000001500
Flower Cardian Boardefly花札衛-猪鹿蝶-Synchro MonsterWarrior00060000200000002000
Fossil Dragon Skullgios古生代化石竜 スカルギオスFusion MonsterRock00080000350000000000
Fossil Warrior Skull King古生代化石騎士 スカルキングFusion MonsterRock00080000280000001300
Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger迅雷の騎士ガイアドラグーンXyz MonsterDragon00070000260000002100
Gaia Soul the Combustible Collective爆炎集合体ガイヤ・ソウルEffect MonsterPyro00040000200000000000
Granel AttackグランエルAEffect MonsterMachine00010000130000000000
Granel Attack 3グランエルA3Effect MonsterMachine00030000180000000000
Gravekeeper's Spear Soldier墓守の長槍兵Effect MonsterSpellcaster00040000150000001000
Gyaku-Gire Panda逆ギレパンダEffect MonsterBeast00030000080000001600
Hi-Speedroid KendamaHSR魔剣ダーマSynchro MonsterMachine00060000220000001600
Infernity Dwarfインフェルニティ・ドワーフEffect MonsterWarrior00020000080000000500
Jumbo Drill穿孔重機ドリルジャンボEffect MonsterMachine00040000180000000100
Lancer Archfiendランサー・デーモンEffect MonsterFiend00040000160000001400
Mad Archfiendマッド・デーモンEffect MonsterFiend00040000180000000000
Mad Archfiendマッド・デーモンEffect MonsterFiend00040000180000000000
Mad Sword Beast猛進する剣角獣Effect MonsterDinosaur00040000140000001200
Malefic Cyber End DragonSin サイバー・エンド・ドラゴンEffect MonsterMachine00100000400000002800
Mefist the Infernal General地獄将軍・メフィストEffect MonsterFiend00050000180000001700
Meklord Army of Wisel機皇兵ワイゼル・アインEffect MonsterMachine00040000180000000000
Needle Soldierニードル・ガンナーEffect MonsterMachine00010000010000000100
Number 83: Galaxy QueenNo.83 ギャラクシー・クィーンXyz MonsterSpellcaster00010000050000000500
... further results
 Japanese nameProperty
Big Bang Shotビッグバン・シュートEquip Spell Card
Burning Strikeバーニング・ストライクContinuous Trap Card
Cyclon LaserサイクロンレーザーEquip Spell Card
Dark Spearブラック・スピアEquip Spell Card
Dimensional Catapult次元破壊砲-STUEquip Spell Card
Dragon's Rage竜の逆鱗Continuous Trap Card
Drain Strikeドレイン・ストライクEquip Spell Card
Ebon Arrowブラック・アローNormal Trap Card
Fairy Meteor Crushメテオ・ストライクEquip Spell Card
H - Heated HeartH-ヒートハートNormal Spell Card
M ForceM・フォースQuick-Play Spell Card
Meteor Waveメテオ・ウェーブNormal Trap Card
Meteorainメテオ・レインNormal Trap Card
Photon Spearフォトン・スピアEquip Spell Card
Reservation Reward速攻予約持典Continuous Spell Card
Roaring Earth吠え猛る大地Continuous Trap Card
Superior Protector孤高の守人Normal Trap Card
Thorn of Malice憎悪の棘Equip Spell Card
Train Connection機関連結Equip Spell Card
Xyz Meteorエクシーズ・メテオNormal Trap Card

All Manga "Piercing" cards

 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeTypeLevel/RankATKDEF
Blackwing - Bora the SpearBF-黒槍のブラストEffect MonsterWinged Beast00040000170000000800
D/D/D Supersight King Zero MaxwellDDD超視王ゼロ・マクスウェルPendulum Monster???00070000280000002500
Darklord Edeh Arae堕天使エデ・アーラエNormal MonsterFairy00050000230000002000
Elemental Hero BladedgeE・HERO エッジマンNormal MonsterWarrior00070000260000001800
Hellfire Spearman Ghost Lancer劫火の槍術士ゴースト・ランサーNormal Monster00050000200000000000
Lancer Lindwurmランス・リンドブルムNormal MonsterDragon00040000180000001200
Nine-Tailed Fox九尾の狐Effect MonsterYokai00060000220000002000
No. 52: Diamond Crab KingNo.52 ダイヤモンド・クラブ・キングXyz MonsterRock00040000000000003000
Pierce Musketeerピアース・マスケッティアEffect Monster00040000170000001000
Stardust Assault Warriorスターダスト・アサルト・ウォリアーSynchro MonsterWarrior00060000210000001200
White Aura Whale白闘気白鯨Synchro Monster???00080000280000000???
 Japanese nameProperty
Aftershockアフターレフェクト・オブ・インパクトQuick-Play Spell Card
Ancient Charge太古の進撃Continuous Spell Card
Double Buster Swordsダブル・バスターソードEquip Spell Card
Dragonic Enrageドラゴニック・エンレイジNormal Spell Card
Fairy Meteor Crushメテオ・ストライクEquip Spell Card
Fairy Meteor Crushメテオ・ストライクEquip Spell Card
Haunted Lance伏魔殿の螺暈崇
Neon Laser BlasterネオンレーザーブラスターEquip Spell Card
Photon Strikeフォトン・ストライクEquip Spell Card

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