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"Enchanting Fitting Room", a card with an effect that pick ups cards

Pick up (めくる Mekuru) is an outdated term used in card texts prior to the Problem-Solving Card Text update. To pick up is to look at or reveal a card from the top of the Deck or a face-down card on the field with a card effect.

Current card texts replace "pick up" in one of two ways. Picking up a card from the Main Deck or field without allowing the opponent to see it is called "looking", whereas picking up a card from the Main Deck or field so that both players can see it is called "revealing". "Excavating" is a type of revealing for which the player reveals card(s) from the top of their Main Deck.

Picked-up cards are not removed from their current location for gameplay purposes, so are still considered to be in the Deck or on the field; if they are sent to the Graveyard, added to the hand, banished, etc., they will be considered to have come from the Main Deck or field. Picking up a Set card does not flip it, so its Flip Effect will not be activated (if any).

A player does not lose the Duel if they cannot pick up a card due to having no cards in their Main Deck.

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