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Throughout the course of a Duel, each player's turn is comprised of six phases (Japanese: フェイズ Feizu). These six phases continually cycle, alternating between players until the Duel ends. Strictly speaking, you must declare when you are entering or leaving a phase, and a phase can only be left if both players agree.[1]

Draw Phase

See main article Draw Phase.

Standby Phase

See main article Standby Phase.

Main Phase 1

See main article Main Phase 1.

Battle Phase

See main article Battle Phase.

Start Step

See main article Start Step.

Battle Step

See main article Battle Step.

Damage Step

See main article Damage Step.

End Step

See main article End Step.

Main Phase 2

See main article Main Phase 2.

End Phase

See main article End Phase.


  1. Yu-Gi-Oh! Game Play: Fast Effect Timing

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