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Pharaonic Guardian is a Japanese Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG). It is the last set in the OCG Series 2.

In other languages, another set known as Pharaonic Guardian is a combination of this set and The New Ruler.


Each pack contains 5 cards and each box contains 30 packs.

The set contains 53 cards or 57 in the Master Set. This is comprised of:



Card number English name Japanese name Rarity Category
PH-00 Fushioh Richie不死王ノスフェラトゥリッチー Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Monster
PH-01 Molten Behemoth溶岩大巨人マグマ・ギガント Common Normal Monster
PH-02 Shapesnatchシェイプ・スナッチ Common Normal Monster
PH-03 Souleaterたまらい Common Normal Monster
PH-04 King Tiger Wanghuおうワンフー Rare Effect Monster
PH-05 Birdfaceバード・フェイス Common Effect Monster
PH-06 Kryuelクルーエル Common Effect Monster
PH-07 Arsenal Bugアーマード・フライ Common Effect Monster
PH-08 Maiden of the Aquaうながみ Common Effect Monster
PH-09 Jowls of Dark DemiseX・E・N・Oゼノ Common Flip monster
PH-10 Timeaterタイム・イーター Common Effect Monster
PH-11 Mucus Yolkグラッジ Common Effect Monster
PH-12 Servant of Catabolismぎょうじゅうしゃ Common Effect Monster
PH-13 Moisture Creatureモイスチャーせいじん Super Rare Effect Monster
PH-14 Gora Turtleゴラ・タートル Common Effect Monster
PH-15 Sasuke Samuraiいっとうりょうだんざむらい Super Rare Effect Monster
PH-16 Poison Mummyポイズンマミー Common Flip monster
PH-17 Dark Dust Spiritじんあくりょう Common Spirit monster
PH-18 Royal Keeperおうぞくしんえいたい Common Effect Monster
PH-19 Wandering Mummyさまようミイラ Rare Effect Monster
PH-20 Great Dezardだいしんかんデ・ザード Ultra Rare
Ultra Parallel Rare
Effect Monster
PH-21 Swarm of Scarabsスカラベのたいぐん Common Effect Monster
PH-22 Swarm of Locustsイナゴのぐんぜい Common Effect Monster
PH-23 Giant Axe Mummyジャイアントマミー Common Effect Monster
PH-24 8-Claws Scorpionサソリ Common Effect Monster
PH-25 Guardian Sphinx守護者ガーディアンスフィンクス Ultra Rare
Ultra Parallel Rare
Effect Monster
PH-26 Pyramid Turtleピラミッド・タートル Common Effect Monster
PH-27 Dice Jarダイス・ポット Common Flip monster
PH-28 Dark Scorpion Burglarsくろさそりとうくつだん Common Effect Monster
PH-29 Don Zaloog・ザルーグ Ultra Rare
Ultra Parallel Rare
Effect Monster
PH-30 Des Lacoodaデス・ラクーダ Common Effect Monster
PH-31 Cobraman Sakuzyはんじゃじんサクズィー Rare Effect Monster
PH-32 Book of Lifeせいじゃしょきんだんじゅじゅつ Super Rare Normal Spell Card
PH-33 Book of Taiyouたいようしょ Common Normal Spell Card
PH-34 Book of Moonつきしょ Common Quick-Play Spell Card
PH-35 Mirage of Nightmareあくしんろう Common Continuous Spell Card
PH-36 Secret Pass to the Treasuresざいほうへのかくつう Common Normal Spell Card
PH-37 Call of the Mummyミイラのごえ Common Continuous Spell Card
PH-38 Timidityおくびょうかぜ Common Normal Spell Card
PH-39 Pyramid Energyピラミッドパワー Common Quick-Play Spell Card
PH-40 Tutan Maskツタンめん Common Counter Trap Card
PH-41 Ordeal of a Travelerたびびとれん Rare Continuous Trap Card
PH-42 Bottomless Shifting Sandそこなしりゅう Common Continuous Trap Card
PH-43 Curse of Royalおうのろ Rare Counter Trap Card
PH-44 Needle Ceilingつりてんじょう Common Normal Trap Card
PH-45 Statue of the Wickedおうごんじゃしんぞう Super Rare Normal Trap Card
PH-46 Dark Coffinのろわれたひつぎ Common Normal Trap Card
PH-47 Needle Wallニードル・ウォール Common Continuous Trap Card
PH-48 Trap Dustshootダスト・シュート Common Normal Trap Card
PH-49 Pyro Clock of Destinyうんめいけい Common Normal Trap Card
PH-50 Reckless Greedぼうよく Common Normal Trap Card
PH-51 Pharaoh's Treasureおうざいほう Rare Normal Trap Card
PH-52 Gaia The Fierce Knightあんこくガイア Ultimate Rare Normal Monster

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