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The "Pharaoh cards" center around using the effect of "The First Sarcophagus" to Special Summon "Spirit of the Pharaoh", whose effect was originally meant to be used on "Pharaonic Protector" and "Pharaoh's Servant".

Typical cards

Monster Cards

Spell Cards

  • Zombie World
  • Amulet of Ambition: to power up one of the "Spirit of the Pharaoh's" targets;
  • Foolish Burial: to send "Spirit of the Pharaoh's" targets to your Graveyard;
  • Hand Destruction: to send "Spirit of the Pharaoh's" targets to your Graveyard, also give you new cards;
  • Magical Mallet: to trade cards like "Spirit of the Pharaoh", "The Second/Third Sarcophagus" for others;
  • Symbols of Duty: to trade a "Spirit of the Pharaoh's" target for one monster from your opponent's Graveyard;
  • Thousand Energy: to power up all "Spirit of the Pharaoh's" targets.
  • Order to Charge: to get your monsters in the grave and get rid of your opponents
  • Delta Attacker: can be used to maybe create an OTK

Trap Cards

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